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Photocred: bouncer

Do you spell it 'grey' or 'gray'?

Think I need to work on my stage posture

I'm much more sun burnt and freckly now, than earlier today when this photo was taken.

Cayman is cool

Hoping to one day be as cool as jon wanting to be as cool as me in this photo.
Photo by @xgreenwell

Incredible night. Thank you - DFG @xgreenwell

sunset via my car

Christmas dissonance. I've got a long way to go on piano, but this is 1/2 of one of the harder pieces I've ever learned. I think it's cool. #akai #ableton #ineedabetterpianovst

Shot of the day. Merry Christmas

Finna get a new guitar, but most importantly what color should I get?

I like the way ya look

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