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Before u love someone u must love ur self 1st! 🙂

Some people just act like they are trying to help you! #อย่าเสแสร้งนะคะ


I'm wrong? I have a dreams

I miss Here so much #Time passes, but I never change


When we first met, i hud no idea you'd become that important to me.

How good is love or how much love?
Or do not have a fight.

Maybe her did not come up?
Do not be cute, put you up stubborn.
Do not just say she's silly.
Because it is not strange.

Do you believe it?
Deep down, she is afraid.
That did not tell you

That she was afraid

Fear that the next day it will not be this good.
Afraid that you will be bored
Fear that one day you will not love her as before.

Or perhaps
How do you start to calm down?
Maybe she will not feel confident.
Who do you feel you are?

The simple solution is "pay attention"
Tell her love
I miss you

Put photo together with her
Make her know that you are the same person.

Do not care about her only when she pleads you.

Try to understand.
Along with love

Then you know.
She is this because ...
She just loves you very much. :) 💕

Afraid to be alone without him 😯

I do not like the distance, it makes me sad 😩

ดื่มนมแล้วไปนอนกันคะ 🍼🥛

Don’t worry. Don't give up. Go out and try again.😁 #ขอโทษคับพี่ ไม่ได้แสนดีขนาดน้านน


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