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👦🏻  22 / cina peranakan / nanyang ; street, culture, people. ; a heritage & antique aesthete. ; Isaiah 55:8 #projectkamcheng

; this is Pak Ali, one of the finest songket makers in Palembang.

He does not do commercialised work, but still creates beautiful and 'halus' songkets with his team of ibu. Pak Ali is also able to recreate antique songket pieces with stronger and better quality. Real gold threads, and beautiful silk is all he needs.

Amazing how when asked how he gets inspired with his designs, he just used his index finger and tapped his temple and say, "semuanya di sini", meaning all is in here.

; tiga sekawan.

; cheah family, the F&B family, the #Peranakan side of the family.

; chuay sa (初三) with the peranakan side of the family ❤

#peranakan #projectkamcheng

; let life happen, it is in the right to do so.

; blessed lunar new year, everyone!

May all good things happen to you on this year of the Earth Dog!

For those asking where I got my baju batik in megamendung motif from, find out by tapping on my picture!

; 年三十, 你们今晚守岁吗?

守岁 (shou3 sui4) is a tradition of staying up late from the night of the eve of the lunar year until the morning of the first lunar year, wishing to elongate our elder's life on earth. But usually it's an excuse, just to gamble through the night with mahjong or poker cards :P

; adakah ia bijak menjadi teduh yang sedia ada kepada orang ramai untuk beristirehat, hanya untuk mereka sedia untuk beredar?

Pokok yang menjadi teduh untuk orang ramai pun akan kerusakan, hati pula bagaimana?

; culture, identity, art, tradition, @projectkamcheng


As the festive season is coming, everyone is posting to rent/ find a strategic partner to work together to fight through the golden question - "Ah Boy/ Girl, where is your other half ah?"
So here I am, putting myself as an offer!

General Information
Name: Sean Koay Thian Juan
Age: 22
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Horoscope: Gemini

Language & Dialect ability:
English, Mandarin, Malay, Penang Hokkien, Cantonese (half past six but I can make people laugh w/ my accent), Korean (certified by TOPIK exam), Hakka (good enough to know if someone is bad mouthing you)

- Diploma in Hotel Management, - BA HONS in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Working Experience: sufficiently exposed in the F&B (a sprinkle of Hotel) industry to let you know the specific good and bad of the industry.

1. Wayang (acting) - I can wayang infront of your relatives to be very lovey dovey and can pretend to look like I'm listening but I'm actually not (thanks to work experience and irrelevant customers)
2. Photography - I can be your IG boyfriend for a day.
3. Cooking - you cannot cook? Don't worry! I can impress your relatives by cooking maggie mee! Pssst, I know more than you think. (;
4. Trash Can - as in, I can eat your left overs so you don't get bloated in your CNY outfit! Really boyfriend material right?!
5. Empty talks - I can talk cock to your cousins and aunties to keep them from annoying you! Don't worry! I will make sure to talk sweet and good about you!

Offer Price!! Lelong! Lelong!
1 DAY: RM520/ 520SGD
2 DAYS: RM888/ 888SGD
3 DAYS: RM1314/ 1314SGD


; funny how our self defence to loneliness these days is to keep ourselves occupied on social media, on our phones.

Even when we are in the crowd, our heads are tilted forward, hands raised, our face lighted up by the light of our phones that caused our loneliness. Our fingers wipes screen, minds are blank despite our eyes are seeing. We just want to feel occupied, and the only that keeps us occupied are our phones. and the one if the many things thing that caused our loneliness is... our phones.

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