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NITO  24 CO♻️LA 🙃💀 If you don’t put in the work. You’re assured a life of mediocrity.


Yes that’s mikes rubber bong base holding up my tablet.

It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn something without caring too much about where it goes or what purpose it serves. After seeing this photo of @meganbatoon (by @selashiloniphoto) I had to draw it, the lighting looked too fun. It was so refreshing to do something like this!! Thank you i needed it #nito

I had a dream last night. And this little sun character was in it. It’s rare that I think of drawings in my dreams so I drew it. The dream had nothing to do with Raisin Bran but he reminded me of that. Raisin Bran is low key amazing. @kelloggsus hit me up for a Raisin Bran redesign!

Just because🖕🏼 #nito

Huge thank you 🙏🏼 to @converse for sending me these beauties! And also a huge shoutout to @harryremler for hooking it up. Hopefully one day I’ll collab with converse!

This last one I saved for last because she is actually one of the few things that really scare me. Not really her movie but her makeup and everything surrounding her story. Happy Halloween thanks for joining me and for all the support on these tiny toons. It’s really cool to see everyone get excited when they see their favorite character. For whatever reason the group picture won’t post but it’ll be in the slides before posting... #tinyhorror #tinytoon #nito

#tinyhorror #tinytoon #nito
6 in 1 😨

Does this count as horror? Get creative. #tinyhorror #tinytoon #nito 3 in 1

Don’t let it in. #tinyhorror #tinytoon #nito

🍕 this took 3 tries to post :) #tinyhorror #tinytoon #nito

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