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Juan Bronson  Heirloom cacao, Precious hardwoods, Vanilla and conservation


London: when you're nice, you're really nice. See you soon. And thanks LUSH!

This variety of corn was an incredible emerald green. Tasty too! Grown by @luna_zorro 's partner weavers, these varietals come from heirloom seeds and are planted using traditional intercropping methods that rotate corn, squash and beans.

This incredible amphibian, the Gymnopis multiplicata, looks like a common earthworm but reaches lengths of up to 80 cm's!

2 weeks of non-stop rain here, thankfully the bridges are sturdy.

This is not a typical cacao tree on our farms, I wish it was, it is however an example of the type of tree we select for reproduction through grafting. Super tree. #haciendariodulce #izabalagroforest #cacao

In 7 months we'll be establishing these cacao babies out in the field. In 4 years we'll be sending their beans to your favorite chocolate makers. #haciendariodulce #izabalagroforest #organic #cacao

"Princessa", master tree climber, kung fu fighter, ballerina, howler monkey, miss cuddles; these are just some of the ways in which I refer to my daughter. I'm so happy that this dynamic lady will grow up with so many of the inspiring people involved with the #womensmarch

Our other inspiration... chocolate! Always a pleasure to visit our friends at @dandelionchocolate

The Sequoias and giant Redwoods of the West coast never cease to amaze, in fact they are one of the original inspirations for our company.

Good to be home. Yet astonished at the damage of the forest fires; both a tragedy and a cleanse the contrast of soot blackened trees and green grass is something out of a fairy tale. Sidekick: #myhazelmoon

My little cacao moon, #myhazelmoon not too into the mosquito situation though.

This is Ana, she used to work for a bank; now she works for us and this is her office.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Donald? How is THIS not something to be preserved for everyone? With the biggest national park reduction in US history he is not only breaking yet more promises with Native Americans and eroding environmental protections, he's also stealing from the public. What a jerk. #theemperorhasnoclothes #thepresidentstoleyourland

It doesn't look like much (yet) but this is our latest farm adventure, a Damask Rose essential oil project in the highlands of Guatemala. Damask is the most fragrant of the Rose species, so the bloom will be magic. My assistant here was inspecting the plants for signs of budding, nothing yet though. #izabalagroforest #damaskrose #essentialoils #lushcosmetics

Looking forward to our upcoming harvest, this particular variety (R-49) was selected by John Scharffenberger seven years ago when we first started planting out the forest floor. #cacao #haciendariodulce #izabalagroforest

Like ice-cream! We love a perfectly ripened cacao pod like this one #haciendariodulce

Balam aka Pataxte could be confused with an alien egg but this species of theobroma has been cultivated and consumed for millennia. #haciendariodulce planted a few hundred trees a few years ago and they're now entering their productive phase. #izabalagroforest

Mr Fox is a sensitive soul, but he sure can climb a tree. Seen here in San Marcos's beautiful community park. #joaquinfox

Babbo, in his element.

So pretty here!

Exploring new farm sights with my farmy niece Eva #izabalagroforest

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