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Julia Leonarda  New name, old Julia's acount :3 The Witcher fan Metal Gear fan Assassin's Creed fan Novice cosplayer Just enjoy ;3

This old picture represents so many things to me. First of all, me and my mommy always fight for no reason. We start live in peace since the day I comeback to her house, every day I feel blessed for how she educate, raise me and help me with my psychological problems. Happy mother's day my tiny little mommy♡

Oh...hey! I am so happy with my curly and bulky hair! #curlyhair #black #obsidian #bus #glasses

I am Live!! But have so many things to do It's my last semester in university wish me luck♡

Hi everybody! When you are so much fan about something and your boyfriend are designer and you get this wonderful gifts ♡ #asterix #asterixatobelix #obelix #ideiafix #asterixeobelix #gift #drawing

" hey babe take some nice pics"

Rebel Rebel

"Okay boys... done this and take me more apple juice"
Me as #Yennefer
@alex.drake.art is #Geralt
@jefersonjhonatan is #Dandelion/#jaskier #thewitcher #ccxp17

Hey guys!
Well ... first of all, I wanted to apologize for being so absent lately. I walk a little sick (nothing too serious, relax!) And so I do not have much disposition to create and bring you something decent.
But as usual when this happens to me, @alex.drake.art brings me some of his drawings so I can color (like Hope's one a few days ago) so I can pass the time and recover. And this time, he made me a drawing of our female version of Kazuhira Miller from the Metal Gear saga. Do you believe all this came about when we asked ourselves what it would be like if Kaz were a woman? The answers simply came in our head, it was very natural. This happened about two years ago, while we were still in the hype of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Now, two years later, we practically recreated the entire Metal Gear saga from that single detail.
And why, you ask me? Because Kaz is my favorite character in the whole saga. It's who I identify with the most (although Alex tells me that I also remember Meryl a bit, but Kaz is still at the top). We have similar personalities and even some coincidences in our life history. He also believes in several ideals I believe in, especially during Peace Walker. It was at this point that Alex and I started to think about doing Kaz's genderbend style cosplay. Then he said that it would be funny if we kissed during the event, especially since Kaz and Big Boss are two characters that the shipper community loves to put together. Then I asked the question that set in motion all the gears of this Alternative Universe. We did a lot of research, watched videos, got information and Alex started to replay all the games, trying to analyze every point that could be changed. The result is one of which we both pride ourselves. Therefore, this drawing is fruit of this. A strong woman, reluctant to her origin, whose name means "Peace" in a world of endless war. I hope you like it as much as we do. Thanks for listening to me here. See you all soon. #metalgear #peacewalker #au #bigboss #kazuhiramiller #hellmaster #ahideokojimagame #nakedsnake #themanwhosoldtheworld #genderbender

Hi guys! I don't see you a long time huh?. So this little OC came in a casual conversation with my boyfriend @alex.drake.art . We talked about METAL GEAR and well if you a know metal gear fan, he/her have so many theories about this amazing game series. Well in this conversation the ideia of Kazuhira Miller are a woman "the history follows the river and all the event's keep the same ?" And tadaaah the concept of Hope son of woman who's the names means Peace and the Man Who Sold the World came. And well enjoy the art of my fav artist @alex.drake.art and collors by me
#metalgear #ahideokojimagame #kojimaproductions #kazuhiramiller #nakedsnake @hideo_kojima

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