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Their favorite thing is playing on our bed under the covers. And it’s really sweet (most of the time). #hankcarpenter #lucyleonarae

Thinking about hiring him out. What’s the going rate these days?! 🤔 #hankcarpenter
🎶 “Get to help around the house - it’s so nice of me to help my mom around the house.” 🎶

These Street kids had a Happy Halloween! #hankcarpenter #lucyleonarae #tiger #ringmaster

I don’t always promote my @streetpaperie business from my personal page here, but THIS! I stumbled across this quote recently from Louie Giglio, and I have NOT been able to get it out of my head. This is something I pray over my Lucy girl all the time. Her tiny body is covered in scars, and I pray that she will always find her identity in Christ and that she will use her scars to proclaim the faithfulness and the goodness of Jesus in her life. I don’t know how she will feel about her scars as she grows into a young teenager, but I pray she is never ashamed of them. The enemy wants to bring shame, but JESUS can and will and does redeem ALL things! Including all her scars! Ah, THIS just speaks so much life!

Share this with someone you know who has physical scars, emotional scars, ANY kind of scars. Jesus is better!

#scars #scarsarebeautiful #chd #ebsteinsanomaly #heartwarrior #zipperclub

Well, we tried to discontinue one of Lucy’s arrhythmia medicines, and it turns out she still needs it. She’s still got that stubborn little heart that likes to beat to it’s own drum. Maybe someday we can discontinue them, but until them, I’m thankful we have them to keep her steady! #lucyleonarae #prayforlucylion #ebsteinsanomaly

Matching with Lily at CBS! We love our cousins! #hankcarpenter #lucyleonarae #communitybiblestudy

Living her best life. 🍪🍪🍪 #lucyleonarae

Also, prayers please! She had a cardiology appointment today, and we are stopping one of her heart arrhythmia meds to see how she tolerates it. She’s been on this medicine since about one month old. It’s bizarre to think of her not being on it anymore. So, prayers she can stay in a good rhythm without it! 🙏🏻 #prayforLucyLion

Daddy practicing his PA skills on our little heart warrior. 😍😍😍 #lucyleonarae #heartwarrior #ebsteinsanomaly #chd #chdwarrior #physicianassistant @davidmstreet

0.5 seconds before this, Lucy was whining because Hank was touching her. Then I said something funny.🤘🏻 #hankcarpenter #lucyleonarae

He’s almost 4, and I have a crush on him. 💙 #hankcarpenter

Brother/sister love 💙💗 #hankcarpenter #lucyleonarae

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