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C R D N L .  #MemoirsOfTheOneUnforgotten Family.Friends.Love.Life.Me. Paranoid Philosopher📝 Rapper🎤 Writer✏ Poet📜 Creative Genius😎 Live.Learn.Love. 🦊👓🧢📿🎧

I've made my way down to the forest, way down to the sea of trees. The eagle grows, it gets enormous...and then it has to bleed. #Views 🦊👓📿🎧🌳🦋

The view outside my bedroom balcony door. Not much of an artist or one for sketching but some views have to be taken for yourself whether you're taking a picture, putting pen to paper or brush to canvas. This is my Greed #Feels #Views #CRDNL 🦊👓🧢📿🎧🖊

I've been on this nature buzz for a couple of days now, whether it's green, blue, pink, yellow, brown or any other color. This is my little slice of nature... Enjoy. 🦊👓🧢📿🎧🎋🌫🌊

Thought it was time I share a bit of what I actually do write since it says writer on the profile. I'm not even a good one, more of a random writer than anything...a combination of stuff that comes to mind and whatever my playlist feels the need to torture me with. Enjoy...more or less 🦊👓🖊📒🎧

I've been off for a while but here's to the new year and expectations bleeding over from the last year. We are not who we are perceived to be, just because they have eyes and look at you, ask them "Do you really see me? Do you hear the words my mouth will never utter?". Don't let anyone let their perceptions or assumptions define what is real for you, we are who we are for us, the laws that guide your existence are written by you alone. I am who I am because I constructed the image of me from conception to reality, you are who you are and that's your decision. Now ask yourself "Who am I?"

"Are you...are you...coming to the tree?
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight in the Hanging Tree."
Reheard 'The Hanging Tree' from the last film in the hunger games series, loved the song...y'all should hear it.
#TheHangingTree #MemoirsOfTheOneUnforgotten

"I intend to populate Instagram with children's characters for Child Cancer Awareness Week. Give me a like and I'll assign you a character."
You have to post!!
I choose for you: The matchmaker from Mulan

Done with exams yo! The semester is OVER!!! #300L #IRepMarine

Happy Married Life to my cousin of life...Me and Johnson en route to the reception, awon Jagaban fe wole de😏🚨🚨 #TKH16

The squad came back. Dem B102 boiz back on the scene. Thanx to @folaranmi_o for the visual...scurhgg😏😏

He couldn't take anymore of the crazy😅😅😅...I'm awesome😆😂

Another Very Marine Day. We Dem Boiz...Dem Marine Boiz😏 #FieldTrip #TarkwaBay #SuperChillin' #FourAces

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