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John Templeton  You are the sum total of everything you've ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot - it's all there. Maya Angelou

Karate kid gone bad 🇯🇵

Cosplay with Rema over the years ⭐️

Chocolate lava cake finale at the newly opened Grand Hyatt Manila after our Products FY19 Planning 😋

Gin o’clock with sarap seafood spread ⭐️

Super fun afternoon celebrating our friend Vangie’s beautiful new home! ⭐️

Haven’t revisited this resto since their soft opening 2-yrs ago. Delicious from the anchovies and bibimbap to the bbq pork and kimchi pancake 😋🇰🇷

Snacking on peas & carrots with a knob of melting butter 🥕

Coming back to reality has me like…😶

Sunset on Alona Beach 🏝

Thank you Lucy Lemon for coming out for a week. It was such fun spending time together and living like we were back in the day 😂🍋🍸☀️

ATV around the Chocolate Hills with a memorable photo shoot 🎥

Up close at the Tarsier Sanctuary. Such little hands! 🐵🐒

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