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I can’t even believe that we have a one month old. Time is going by so fast. We love her so much! She is starting to make noises and smile at us and it just melts your heart 💕 #blakeleyanne #onemonthold

The many faces of blakeley 💕

We love unicorns 💕 newborn clothes are still a little big but that’s ok :) I just want her to stay this small forever 😍. #blakeleyanne

Ok this is my LAST bump update. 41 weeks today and I am tired. Being pregnant was an amazing experience but I am ready to meet you! Hoping you will make your grand entrance sometime this week! #41weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

40 weeks! I am so ready to meet you! I hope you come soon because we are here waiting for you! I have an appointment on Thursday, my doctor doesn’t think I will make it, but he said if I do then we will schedule a day to induce! I’ve been having some Braxton Hicks and that’s about it so far. Everyone send me some good vibes so that I go into labor! I really would like this stubborn child to come on her own but we will see :)
#40weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

One more week! I have our bags packed and we are ready! Can’t believe we are so close! My actual due date is on Monday but like I said I have a feeling we will be waiting a little bit longer. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Haven’t been feeling any different. No contractions or anything crazy. Every once and a while my stomach gets super tight and then goes away but that’s about it. We are beyond ready to meet you little girl! Hopefully she doesn’t make us wait too much longer :) #39weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

Missed last week because we were out of town. Can’t believe how close we are! I was actually 38 weeks on Monday so it’s a little less than two weeks until my due date. Although I have a pretty good feeling miss thing is going to make us wait a little bit longer. She for sure has to stay in until we get through this hurricane! P.S Jonya made us this sign and it’s so pretty! 😍 #38weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

Only 4 more weeks! I can’t believe how close we are! It still hasn’t really hit me that in a month she will be here 😍 I now have appointments every week 🤪
#36weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

5 more weeks! I feel like this next month is going to go by so slow. #35weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

6 weeks until baby! Had an appointment last week and she weighs 4.5 lbs :) We got to see her precious little face but it’s hard to see in a regular ultrasound at this point. So everyone tell John that we need to get a 3D/4D ultrasound ;)One of the pictures is of her cute little nose and lips. I’m at a point where I’m starting to freak out that I don’t have everything I need 🤪
#34weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

7 weeks to go! So glad that my mom, Jade, Jolie and Tesa got to come to North Carolina and help me get the nursery ready! The time went by so fast :( It is crazy to think that the next time I see them we will be about to have a baby!
#33weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

8 months down and 8 weeks to go! Working on painting Blakeley’s room this week. My mom and sisters are coming up this weekend to see us and to help set up the nursery. I can’t wait! 😍👶🏻. #32weekspregnant #blakeleyanne

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