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Jeremy Thompson  ASU'11 Philly. Your 2016 Doubles Court Tennis E Division Jimmy Dunn Champion #simplelifeofaphiladelphiaman

#tbt the 🐐

They don't build them like they use to.

Two geniuses and one degenerate . @wop_genius @danabettsjewelry I think we all know who the degenerate is. Good seeing my man Cip and his wife Dana

What a day! All truth 💯💯💯💯 love y'all out there.

Vernick birthday dinner part 2

From @mindyisser from twitter. This is so Philadelphia.

Happy birthday mom! Love ya!

Hey @wop_genius I think my man has got us beat in style. #nofucksweregivin

Furthermore, I never got to meet the man but I would not have been surprised as an "enemy alien" he worked for the OSS (pre CIA) by deciphering German code. Funny story when he got here they sent him to Duluth in the middle of winter. The next day he went to immigration and asked if he could be deported because he said it was hell in Duluth and he could take his chances with the nazis. One month later he was in NYC and as they say the rest is history. PS not a bad stache.

This was my grandfathers passport. He died in 1990. He fled the nazis. He was an Austrian Jew. Came to America spoke 8 different languages. Came here with his medical degree and a few things. So when you say you don't like America or you assume every Syrian is a terrorist you may want to check yourself. It could be worse.