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Sashane Hyde 


Cuz we used to hungry, neva used to have money... Ramen used to mek yu heart flutter... but now... My friend lifestyle rich (rich), all o' har servers get tip (tip), all o' har friend dem rich (rich)!... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASHEENA!!!!!!!!!! I love you ❤. By the help of God, I pray you live nothing less than your best. Yu come far mi gyal n yu av much much further to go but jus nice up yuself today n tomorrow we figure the further. Alright mi dear.

Mercy, I never even realized how long I've known my this girl child! 20-odd years is a mighty loooong time! Lord, I beg You cover her under Your blood... I cannot say it enough, I'd always loved the girl you were, but the woman you've become and keep striving to become- she's phenomenal and even greater. I am really proud of you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRIENA!!!❤❤❤

Happy Birthday to the 1 Sister by Blood!!! ❤❤❤

Family ❤


Life's worth celebrating every day! #CelebratingTheSquintz #whatablessing

We may make life differently, but let's respect each other the same way.
#BeautifulJamaica #PortRoyal #SeaGirl

Chilling with The Squintz

The beauty of Life lies in appreciating the Sun, the Shade and even the Rain!... Still appreciating the beauty of my birthday! What a day, what a week, what month, what a year! #sunkissed #locs #mycrown

Woman, Be Great!

Give thanks for Life.

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