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JS Pest Control  We are the BEST pest control company in all of Las Vegas. Squashing bugs since 1999! Call us today! (702) 248-PEST

Spooky, scary, SCORPIONS. Watch out for these guys as the warm weather starts creeping back to Vegas. These fellas love to nest in our wonderful palm trees and may start coming out to say hi!

Too close for comfort...

Here is a bug pun to get you through the week: Two fleas are heading home after a hard day’s work. One says, “I think I’ll hop home. What about you?” The other flea replies, “No, I’m too tired. I think I’ll itch hike.”

Get these ANTisocial guests out of your house. Who invited them anyways?

Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, and pretty much everything they touch. Its time to tell these bugs who is boss. Call Js Pest.

Call Js Pest control if you tend to climb on to the nearest table/chair/refrigerator/friend every time you see a spider. We'll take care of it, climbing isn't necessary anymore.

It's not halloween anymore... Its time to get rid of the spiderwebs around your house.

If you've seen enough of these guys around your house give us a call!

Some people might enjoy this view... But for all of you normal people who don't- give us a call.

When everything is BUGging you Js pest control is here to make your load a little lighter.

Kind of creepy huh?

Fright at first sight!

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