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Jason  Gotta start somewhere. My fitness journey. Army Veteran. NorCal.

#selfie #sunday A picture I drew for my art class about 10+ years ago lol. #selfiesunday

Feels good to sleep in. Late breakfast to get my day started, laundry, then off to the gym for #chest #day .

A little pre workout before I take the dogs out for a walk, then hit legs at the gym.

Week 6: Halfway through this challenge. Time to ramp it up. Let's get it ya'll!! #bodybuildingcom #bestself #250kchallenge @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition

Week 5: Light work. Still trying to find the right meals to prep. No measurements. Which eventually I will start soon... hopefully. Lol #bodybuildingcom #bestself #250kchallenge @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition @theresajennhealthandfitness

Some protein pancakes to get my day started. ----------------- #250kchallenge @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition

Kudos to those who meal prep consistently. This is hard!

That chest pump crazy. Chest and bi's this morning. Let's get it!

Tonight's agenda. Deadlift party! Feels like a great night to break records. Let's get it!

Week 2 Challenge: What are your secrets for rapid recovery? ---- I like to foam roll pre/post workout. And a good ol' protein shake will do the trick. No secrets here.

⚠️ WARNING : Legs under construction.

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