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Jason Sims  I am a graduate of Georgia Highlands College(Class Of 2014), I am an artist and painter. I hope to live in Utah one day. Please do not copy my artwork

I did some painting to one of my previous projects.

Guys, I did some painting today

Hey guys, I doctored the cone, I hope you guys like this better. Thanks😊

Guys, I went back over my previous "2 Shapes" and I did a little on the cruise ship

Hey guys, I did some work on the ship.

Hello guys, I went back over the 3 front kaiser vases, I changed the purple Kaizer Vase to brown, because I wanted to put some color on it. Let me know what you think. Thanks😊

Hello guys, I changed the color again, you guys might like this better. Let me know what you think. Thanks😊

Guys, check this out. I changed the color again

I'm also working on the cruise ship

Guys, I doctored up on my "Flower Pot Trio". The before and after

Hey guys, I did a little work on the cruise ship. Here's the base

Guys, I did some painting today

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