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Johanna Simfors 👩🏼‍💻✨  • Entrepreneur & Engineer student • KTH Royal institute of Technology • Freelance illustrator • Stockholm, Sweden

Oooooh look! A close-up!

is using your math notes as a part of your Instagram theme a normal thing?????? Are we ok with this? Am I allowed to do this?

the actual clock my mom got me for my birthday.. wow. i'm not even mad thats amazing.

GREEEEAT THINGS COMING UP IN MY FEED!!! .. ...just kidding, looks like there’s just another selfie coming up 3 pics from now 🙄😏

bought a new pair of jeans that looks exactly like my last ones tar tacksamt emot komplimanger trots detta tack på förhand

Snow can’t start falling anytime soon cause I haven’t had time to use all of my sneakers enough YOU HEAR ME???? NO SNOW. Thanks on förhand

I’ve absolutely no idea how one could do anything in math without using the assigned color to each number. And it did take me like 10 years on this planet before I realized not everyone thought like this. Hah. This animation is my little attempt to show how my #synesthesia looks to me. .
Linear algebra is quite easy to handle, you see, when looking for eigenvectors you just have to find the green parts that are not moving. And when row reducing a matrix, just take out all the colors from the box. When it’s only black and white left, you know you’re done. Easy peasy. When finding the inverse of a matrix, it’ll always be black and white in the beginning, and then you have to drag colors out of is. When finding the derivative to a function, you always have to do the soft and hard parts separately. You can’t mix them. Obviously. Just as you’d never mix hot and cold variables in a partial differential equation.
First of all, working with colors like this is very freaking relaxing and I guess that’s why I think math is one of the best things out there!!
Second, how, just HOW, do any of you, classmates, friends, or strangers, do anything in math without organizing it by color? How do you memorize anything? I wouldn’t even be able to memorize the multiplication table of 3, if I didn’t know it was green in the edges but red in the middle? How can you even separate the numbers? This is really hard for me to understand but guess you’re all just a bunch of masterminds

Every item of clothing looks better with some flowers added on to them : )


Couldn’t find a painting I liked, also, art is so expensive????? Damn. No way a student like me can afford it. I guess it’s true what they say, if you want something done - do it yourself. Did this quick doodle in after effects. Maybe it’ll turn into something real one day.

Hairstyle inspo from Quasten

so you’re telling me that short shorts season is over? :(

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