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Johanna Simfors 👩🏼‍💻✨  • Entrepreneur & Engineer student • KTH Royal institute of Technology • Freelance illustrator • Stockholm, Sweden

The autumn vibes are strong in this photo I’m posting in December. The slight delay can be explained by the questionable, supercomplex feed I’m insisting on having 🙄 yaaay! Autumn!

🍂👞👞 ⁣
[📸: @rasmusrudling ]

me everyday while studying lately (well, hopefully being confused about more advanced stuff than the volume of a cone and how to integrate sin(x) :/ )⁣⁣ tagga jul”lov” hörrni! ⁣⁣

I only study engineering so that I’ll be able to give people reeally bad, questionable, advice followed by: ...trust me, I’m an engineer : - )

#quickmaths #kth

actually study < watching hour long YouTube tutorials on how to program snake on to your TI-84 :):)⁣

ohboyohboyohboy managed to get our hands on tickets to @rufusdusol s Europe tour before they sold out, off to Berlin with my favorites in two weeks :):):):):) ... #berghain⁣

Oooooh look! A close-up!

is using your math notes as a part of your Instagram theme a normal thing?????? Are we ok with this? Am I allowed to do this?

the actual clock my mom got me for my birthday.. wow. i'm not even mad thats amazing.

GREEEEAT THINGS COMING UP IN MY FEED!!! .. ...just kidding, looks like there’s just another selfie coming up 3 pics from now 🙄😏

bought a new pair of jeans that looks exactly like my last ones tar tacksamt emot komplimanger trots detta tack på förhand

Snow can’t start falling anytime soon cause I haven’t had time to use all of my sneakers enough YOU HEAR ME???? NO SNOW. Thanks on förhand

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