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Jordan Vinroe  JSD Supply strives to offer the most complete line of 80% firearms and unique accessories. www.jsdsupply.com

Another @xhaleweaponworx build. The only things stock are a few springs and some internal jiblets.

#RepostSave @xhaleweaponworx with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Do You want a piece that runs perfectly and is badass and classy at the same time? Check out @jsd_supply for your #sigp320 module and @norsso for the badass slide and don’t forget to top it off with an @inforce01 aplc weapon light but please don’t forget to order your frame thru us here @xhaleweaponworx ! Then you will have badassery at its finest , right in your hands! #gunsofinstagram #gunsdaily #sigsauer #sig #sig320 #gun #guns #tacticalpontoon #gunsgunsguns #tacticaltoolbox #glockguy226

Another great build using our 80% MUP-1

#RepostSave @oif_vet05 with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Finally the wait is over! She is done! My 80% #SigSauer #P320 build is complete! Shout out to @us_patriotarmory for the RX build kit. Next to @jsd_supply for the trigger parts, 80% insert, and jig. @obsidianarms for the magazine floor plates. @apextactical for the trigger enhancement kit and patch. @sigsauerinc @sigsauerusa for the the Romeo RMR, Foxtrot 1 tactical light and 124gr V-Crown hollow points. Last, but not least, @xhaleweaponworx for the super nasty stipple work. Great turn around time. Great customer service. Just all around good guy. #9mm #gunporn #2amendment #pewpew #apextactical #rmr #stippling

Great package

@jsd_supply #MUP1 80%
@norsso slide
@inforce01 aplc
@hyvetechnologies base plate

#RepostSave @xhaleweaponworx with @repostsaveapp ・・・ #sigp320 with a #inforceaplc and #hyvetechnologies mag extension topped off with the badass #norsso slide and in the heart of it #jsdsupply mup-1!!! Badassery at its finest ! #2a #guns #sigsauer #sigp320 #gunsdaily #gunsofinstagram #hyvetechnologies #leviathangroup

For everyone that has been waiting on the SS80, G43 80%, they are starting to ship in about 2 weeks. We will update when we have them in hand.

#RepostSave @lennymagill with @repostsaveapp ・・・ It has begun....we are finally starting to complete the packaging of the SS80 80% Lower that accepts Glock 43 parts. After 8 months in development and 9 months waiting for ATF approval we are finally shipping!! Please be patient as it will take several weeks to get through all of our orders. But, rest assured, we will ship your SS80 as soon as possible! Thank you

What are your thoughts on his answer?

#RepostSave @colionnoir with @repostsaveapp ・・・ #Repost @nationalrifleassociation
Sen. Feinstein is right about ONE thing in this exchange: She’s on an entirely different wavelength than everyday Americans. Maybe she should learn about firearms before she lectures others on them. 🤔
#FACT: #AR15s are the most commonly used rifles for competitions, sporting, and home-defense. They are also popular amongst women.

"hey you think you can add a manual safety to the MUP-1 Jig?" #RepostSave @mr_fnf_ with @repostsaveapp ・・・ #WORLDSFIRST manual safety #SIGSAUER #p320 build with @jsd_supply 80% insert! #sigking
Dont be fooled by these other shops!

Another X-Carry was born

#RepostSave @joebiggs760 with @repostsaveapp ・・・ This finally ran flawless tonight. #sigsauer #p320 #p320xcarry #jsd_supply

Another run at gun control. Shopify and First Data (credit card processor) are taking their own steps to come after our rights.
Shopify explicitly told me we could sell all of our products, 80% kits and parts, in their platform 6 months ago.

We have been with First Data for 5 years. They also show up to NRA shows as vendors soliciting business.

I guess if you can't get your way through the legal system, you threaten all your business buddies to silent the majority.

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