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When you own the entire infinity pool to yourself purely for this moment/shot but in fact, bts was your bae busking burns under the scorching sun just to shoot you @kingspotongsg #KingsPotongRelationshipgoals

The only Chanel I could afford(for now) Meanwhile, waiting for an unicorn to appear

Sunny side up(down) w ❤️

Hell of a boat ride and no traces of Leonardo DiCaprio

Confused cause you thought you're in malacca instead

Searching for Mondays

When all you ever wanted was just a refreshing berry banana smoothie and they up a notch on the presentation as well, yas pls 👌🏻

Life's a beach

I see your true colors

When they elevate your iced tea and your background plays that damn part in creating moods to it, yasss pls 💁🏻‍♂️ SG weather, beat that.

Jungle walk

Weekends be like

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