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Jared Rusten  Original California series, Modern Rocking Chair + renovating an historic warehouse. J. Rusten Furniture Studio. Est. 2002


I always seem to be performing this step late at night. The quiet is nice but the wine's gotta wait. #jrfs #modernrockingchair

Lookit these lovenerds.

Here's the rocker you'll be able to try out on Thursday. A couple more late nights and she'll be ready... the last of three rockers completed in 8 weeks (a new record, typically they take 4 weeks each). There's a stack of white oak ready to become another batch of rockers but I need a palate cleanser first- some leatherwork and prototyping. #jrfs #modernrockingchair

Friends! Come out to the Haggin Museum Thursday evening (2/16) for this cool event. I'll have some chairs for you to try out, other pieces to inspect, and I'll probably be pretending to do stuff on my workbench. There will be food, drinks, art, old stuff, and wood shavings... what more could you want? 6:30-9pm... 1201 Pershing Ave. in Stockton. See you there! #jrfs

Cluttered, but finally bright for a change... don't want to have to turn the lights on today... #jrfs

Check out my buddy @dougmccollough 's really inventive use of vintage style linoleum and plywood. Love his stuff!

When your best friend has great taste in houses and furniture, and you can take a break from writing songs or watching football to sneak product shots. #jrfs #modernrockingchair #paloaltochair #moonshinetable

Rocker, on top of a CA desk, in front of a tradeshow banner my Mom helped me paint. Thanks @lrusten. #jrfs #modernrockingchair #kellschairs

When a project is walnut, my favorite part is popping the grain with finish... but with maple, it's the part after final sanding but before the finish... when it's perfectly clean and smooth with just a suggestion of color. #jrfs #kellschairs #modernrockingchair

Thought you might find this interesting. Instagram shows me that the largest concentration of my followers is in Tehran. I don't personally know anyone in Iran. It's a welcome reminder that we are in a world filled with good, honest, hardworking people (including fellow woodworkers) who love their families and friends, but who might disagree with the policies of their governments. Hello to my friends in Tehran and around the world. I'll do what I can to make our world more friendly and peaceful. #jrfs #woodworking