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Jared Rusten  California tables, Modern Rocking Chair & other original designs + renovating an historic warehouse. J. Rusten Studio. Est. 2002


tricked you with that dog cover pic... I'm just talking about nerd stuff again... very happy with the powder coating for these chair parts. #jrfs #losgatoschair #powdercoating

Ez Lok u r dum. 😡 Why must i painstakingly weld 1/32" of steel to each side of your tool to make it function properly? #ezlok #ezlokFU

Trickiest part of this chair- compound angled notches in the curved back of the seat. Like a wedge, a little bit of material makes a big difference in fit. Trying to get them pretty snug even though the legs vary a bit. #jrfs #losgatoschair #baylaurel

Turned 14" Claro platter to warm the new home of one of our favorite couples. Congrats @annastea_honesty and @michaeldtubbs ! #jrfs

"It's a triple-digit Labor Day weekend... I'd like to start an ambitious home-improvement project!" ... "Yes, dear...lemme make you a table saw jig." #jrfs #726weber

The only thing worse than having to grind welds all day is to have these show up and not be able to play with them. Roasted maple/Rosewood, Maple/Maple. Also, these pre-glued maple neck blanks are so cheap, it hardly makes sense to mill my own unless I'm going for something really unusual. #warmoth #guitarmaking #jrfs

One last metal fabricator complaint for your daily schadenfreude. I was promised beautiful, consistent, TIG-stacked dimes. If I wanted messy MIG squirts, I could've done that myself. So, it's lots of filling, grinding, filing, shaping, etc. The two parts on the left and right are only 75% done. I thought that Lab-Metal might be my savior, but all the powder-coaters I went to shut that down. Thankfully, the powder coating will have a nice dark, satin, slightly sparkly texture. ... The thing that is most frustrating about venturing into an unfamiliar medium is knowing what acceptable standards are- understanding the limitations of the material, design, etc.... knowing which elements can be analogous to woodworking and which can't be compared. I definitely have a few tweaks planned for the next batch that should eliminate these kinds of variables. #jrfs #losgatoschair

Learning curves #jrfs #guitarmaking

"Why are you still working at 4 in the morning?" (Cash, last week, as I worked late to make a delivery before a bday NYC trip.) #jrfs

Last one from this first prototype batch: Big Leaf/Western Maple #jrfs #losgatoschair

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir #jrfs #losgatoschair

Claro Walnut #jrfs #losgatoschair

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