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JRNY.life  Jumped off life's beaten path for a journey around the world. 📍Slovenia 🇸🇮


Blue sky thinking. 🤔 #jrnylife
The Albanian Alps have long attracted many nature-loving writers and thinkers, including the great British poet Lord Byron who in the early 1800s wrote his famed "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" while traversing these steep mountains on horseback.

Sweet valley high. 😎 #jrnylife
Valbonë, meaning "good valley," is the Albanian name of both a river and small village within the namesake national park, which is highly regarded for its great biodiversity.

Blessed amongst the Accursed. 🙌🏻 #jrnylife
The southernmost point of the Dinaric Alps, Albania's Accursed Mountains range is home to the highest peak of the entire Dinarides chain, Maja Jezercë (2,694m), which lies near the country's borders with Montenegro and Kosovo.

Durmitor duo. ⛰⛰ #jrnylife
On this #traveltuesday, we're still in awe of our time last week in Montenegro's Durmitor National Park, which has jaw-dropping landscapes and soaring peaks at every turn.

Be like the mountain. ⛰ #jrnylife
Another impressive range of the Dinaric Alps is Komovi whose highest peak, Kom Kucki, reaches nearly 2,500 metres into the Montenegrin sky.

Wide open spaces. 🌾 #jrnylife
Formed by glaciers and rivers, Durmitor has many high-altitude alpine meadows used by farmers and shepherds as summer pastures.

Best seats in the park. 👬#jrnylife
One of Montenegro's four national parks, Durmitor is a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting its eponymous massif with 48 towering peaks and the Tara River Gorge, the largest canyon in the world behind the U.S.'s Grand Canyon.

Standing tall. ⛰ #jrnylife
Northern Montenegro boasts the soaring, jagged peaks of Europe's Dinaric Alps which are known to be home to some of the world's tallest people.

Come to my window. 🏞 #jrnylife
Montenegro's Piva River was dammed in the late 1960s, creating Lake Piva, the world's highest artificial reservoir at nearly 700 metres above sea level, at the bottom of which sits the historic Old Town of Plužine.

Outlook good. 🌲 #jrnylife
Medieval Venetians who once controlled this region called Montenegro's Mt. Lovćen, with its dense, dark pine forest, the "Black Mountain," which is how the country got its name.

Bridge over (un)troubled water. 🕊 #jrnylife
Arriving to Bosnia late last night was surreal for both of us as we have early memories of watching the atrocities of war from the safety of our TVs, but this morning, as we walked the now peaceful streets of Mostar, we were overcome by the quiet beauty of this serene and tranquil medieval town.

Komiža camouflage. 👀 #jrnylife
Komiža and the island of Vis have a storied naval history, serving as a strategic Adriatic location for the ancient Greeks and ruling Venetians, but today the island is better known for its robust fishing, sailing, and of course, tourism.

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