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via|thirteen #fortheART  Passion never dies. So that means I'm immortal. | All professional photos taken by @samthephotographer 🤘🏼


She's. Just. Everything.


I love my niece so much, man.

My sister and I discussed how far we've come in our lives, where we are now and what changes need to happen to progress further in what we've always set out to do.. see, life is all about choices and we haven't always made the best ones but they've guided us to who and where we need to be to figure out what needs to be done. Growing up isn't about being perfect, it's about living and going through the motions knowing that despite the roadblocks and detours, we're still heading to our destination. Don't worry about us, we're happy regardless the outcome but we don't go down without a fight.

It's a legacy #momanddadslettermens

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"Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. It's those choices that make us who we are."

“It’s hard to think about growing up when you’re right in the middle of doing it. It’s hard to know what you want. Sometimes there are so many voices in your head it’s difficult to know which of them is yours.”

I'm not into the same things anymore..


when @jasminevillegas stunts w portrait mode lmao


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