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Paulo Salonga 

Moms are for times when you're looking for something in your house and you just can't seem to find it. Moms are for times when you get home hungry and late and too tired to make yourself something to eat. Moms are for times when you just want or need a shoulder to cry on, be it for no reason at all.
Paano ba yan, wala nakong kukulitin pag di ko mahanap hanap yung gamit (wala naring sisigaw sakin ng "BINIGYAN TAYO NG MATA PARA GAMITIN.") Paano ba yan, wala na yung magtuturo sakin magluto? (Though for the final year of your life I made meals for you even though I was drowning in acads.) Paano ba yan, wala nakong kkwentuhan, iiyakan?
To lose a parent, a mom, way before their time. To lose someone you had so many plans for (how big a house you'll build for them, how many cars, which countries we'll go to) is nothing short of a tragedy. It's a feeling that, legit, no words can describe. I feel like I lost half of my body today, even though we all saw this coming, seeing you breathe your last was heartbrea- no, heart shattering.
I love you, ma. May you rest in peace. I am happy and thankful that your suffering is over, and your time for frolick and play in the fields of Heaven has begun. (My mom passed on December 12, 2017, at exactly 4 PM.)

Cheers to people who will always be part of the foundation of who I am today. Cheers to friends who are not really friends, but family. Cheers, cheers to those four good years!!! #latepost #south

Come right your wrongs for better days.

Always always worth the early mornings and long nights, the sweat and exhaustion of a Metro Manila commute, the tipid hits and expensive Uber rides, the cooking meals for both of us before class, the hours of non-stop talking and the awkward silences. A few months from now, it'll be a year since I've met you but it already feels like decades. The decisions I made that fateful day to PSE are also worth it.
You're always worth it, my darling. I hope I made today's sunrise to sunset (sunrise kahit 11 na nakarating HAHA) a memorable one. I love you, and happy happy birthday, my sunshine. 🤗

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Nearly at the age where I could treat you guys to a nice dinner out, but in the meantime this ig post should suffice, a small token of gratitude for all the hardwork you've done for all of us! We love you!

Edifice to Capitalism

Life's a beach. Here's to the trip that was 🍻🍺🍹

Happiest Birthday to one of the best moms in the world! (Cliché greeting but 101% true) I wish you all the best today and tomorrow. You're one of those people who deserve more than what the world has given them, I hope we could fill that disconnect. We love you, ma!! And may God bless you with more strength, and may He guide you always. :)

Taking a break from this accounting madness to greet one of the strongest people I know!! Happy Mother's Day Mom!! We are the luckiest to have you. Don't ever forget to count all the blessings God has given you. Thank you for always being there for us, no matter how exhausted or sick you were. We love you to the moon and back! ❤😊

No words to express what I feel. CARE PACKAGE FROM THE BEST HUHU 😢❤ Just what I needed to survive Hell month 😭 thank you @/chin hehehe love u

One last chill before Hell week breaks out 😊

So proud of this girl. I saw how much heart and effort she put into whatever task she was given. She's really something, and I'm always gonna be here to give whatever I can give. Gotchu lagi hihi 😊❤ Congrats IM Summit Team for pulling off something that's nearly impossible. 3 summits in 3 places in less than 6 months. What a feat!!! Congrats JFAm!!! WE DID IT!!!! 💚 #PFSLuzon #MONEYla

PS So happy you can rest already ❤

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