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JP Price  Strong Barbell Club KC, MO Powerlifter-1003 squat raw w/wraps, 960 squat raw, 639 bench, 765 deadlift. 2364lbs total. @apemanstrong @mbslingshot

Check this wrap job I slap on @mjgreeno with the @mbslingshot world record knee wraps. Sound on!
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🔊 SOUND ON 🔊There are multiple different ways to wrap knees but there are some ways that help the lifter feel a little more comfortable while putting them in some of tightest wraps.

@jplifts_sbc wrapping up @mjgreeno — as he preps for the Olympia.

Tag your handler and step up your #skwaat game #WorldRecordKneeWraps #ClassicRaw #fitness #squats

New prototype @mbslingshot knee wraps! This should be fun. I’m a huge fan of the world record knee wraps already so it’ll be hard to get me to like one more than them at the moment. What do you guys want to know when I review the prototypes?! Keep an eye out for wrapping videos/tutorials and reviews and what I look for in wraps and why. #mbslingshot

What I actually got done today. Two sets of 2 Log C&P @ 365lbs. I lost balance bad on my first set and the second set went much better but lost balance again after the second rep. These need to be more consistent. Bicep really flared up and that didn’t help things. -
Other vids:
Flat DB 120’s for 30/25/20/15ish
Deep PushUps (not strict) 25/25/30
Everything else hurt, I moved onto cardio, good times...
@mbslingshot @apemanpowerlifting @apemanstrong @strong_barbell_club @olympicgymkc #ogkc #strongbarbellclub #strongman #apemanstrong #markbellslingshot #powerlifting

Today’s lesson: DON’T GIVE UP! Today I brought Jack (my 6 year old) to the gym. He doesn’t work out, he plays sports, all of them. He does gymnastics and has shown some interest in the gym. We worked on assisted pull-ups, light KB deadlifts, running, and box jumps. He really wanted this box jump. He probably tried 40 times. Seeing he was scared and not sure how to approach it I thought it best to scale back and jump on bumper plates. Then we added a little at a time and built them up. He got less scared. Then he tried again, still scared and not sure what to do. Then I added a couple 10lbs bumpers in front of the box and he jumped successfully off two of them, the one, then on his very next try he gets it!!!!! So exciting! I love how they enjoy this stuff and set goals for themselves all the time. @jennamprice @apemanstrong @olympicgymkc @strong_barbell_club #strongbarbellclub #apemanstrong #sbc #ogkc

Fun lower day today. Started with Yoke walks up to 900 for 60ft then lost balance on set 2 and had to break it up into 2 walks. The rest of the work:
-Heavy ham curls 6x10
-Slow descent squats w Duffalo up to 505 for sets of 6. SI joint is trashed.
-Leg press narrow stance 600lbs for 30, 25 and 100 reps, quads are pumped AF. -
Fun session, but rough, loved it. Endurance getting better, strength not disappearing so that’s good. @mbslingshot @apemanpowerlifting @apemanstrong #markbellslingshot #strongbarbellclub #apemanstrong #strongman #powerlifting #sbc #ogkc

Rack pulls on the menu today. Haven’t done these in forever, and don’t personally like them a ton because they’re hard on equipment, but it’s programmed and imma do it. It was 95 degrees in the gym today and I went through 3 pairs of straps that were all soaked and couldn’t grip the bar #sopping. So I got a bunch of random sets of 675 where I’m dropping the bar over and over. Make sure if you do these you use a bar you personally bought. Then did a bunch of back work, good times. -
@sylva_sbc @mbslingshot @apemanpowerlifting @apemanstrong #markbellslingshot #strongbarbellclub #apemanstrong

355x4 log clean and press, rep PR
Energy in the gym was off the charts, @tom_team_sbc is back on day shift and part of the band is back together. The girls were grouped up and together, feels good. -
After log I started the bodybuilding from hell program from @sylva_sbc and it left me wrecked on my knees and it was upper body. I’m on the treadmill at an incline now huffing and puffing. So much work to do! My batteries are charged and my thermostat is hotter than the Kansas City heatwave! #cuttingpromos
@mbslingshot @apemanstrong @apemanpowerlifting @olympicgymkc @strong_barbell_club #sbc #strongbarbellclub #markbellslingshot #apemanstrong #powerlifting #strongman

What a fun weekend, I’m gonna have to make two posts to fit it all. The fam went to the 4th of July Parade at Collins Park in Topeka. We had a really EXPLOSIVE 4th of July party at the house with the team. Went to warped tour with some great friends like @jesska_smith @ladyduckonquack @sylva_sbc @longhairedlifter @josie_lifts @hunter_marie24 @mjgreeno . Chilled and grilled at the pool to recover. FOF fest @abcdjardes where I annihilated everyone on the water slide races and went undefeated, as expected. And today I’ll cap it all off with some squat training. Filled with joy #blessed

I bought this scale in May after the US Open. It could handle up to 400lbs and at the Open I weighed in at my fattest ever, 396.2 and I performed like shit and felt like shit. I stepped on this scale and got an error message. I had to use the meet scale at the gym. I got down to 375, error message. Every week I got on this scale and got an error message. Until this morning. Down 49lbs and insanely unsatisfied. My personal victories are few and far between right now but this one felt a little good this morning. #50more #needawin #nowitgetshard #notstrong #belessofapieceofshit #lessgutmorediq

405x1 Today I wanted to test my bicep and I think it held up alright. Some pain, not as bad. The worst part was probably taking a month off from the log and losing another 25lbs since the last time I pressed. All things considered I’m really happy it’s feeling better but not pleased with my strength level. Lots of work to do. -
@apemanpowerlifting @apemanstrong @mbslingshot @strong_barbell_club #markbellslingshot #strongbarbellclub #apemanstrong #mbslingshot

Some fun in the sun today with the boys during Grandpa Steve’s 65th bday party. We love our pool days. Jays celebrations and disappointments during a game we made up had me rolling.

Caught a lift with @garrettfear and @miss_cay today at @strong_barbell_club I love it when we have visitors, even when it’s Garrett! Stay tuned for more distinguished guests this week! Great to see you guys. @apemanstrong @apemanpowerlifting @mbslingshot #apemanstrong #mbslingshot #markbellslingshot #strongbarbellclub #sbc #ogkc

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