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John Prentice 

First rays of sunlight breaking through this cloudy day.

Roasting up some Poblano Peppers this morning. These smell so lit I actually set the smoke detector off. #roastedpeppers #poblanopeppers

Cannabis Infused Tatter Tot Poutine. I've never had Poutine but I think I'm hooked now. I cooked half a bag of tots in the oven while browning some bacon bits in a pan. Then I poured the fat into a pot with some cannabis infused canola oil and fried them tots till they were crisp and golden. While what was cooking I warmed up half a can of Beef Gravy and a few tablespoons of Cannabis Infused Avocado oil. Then I put the tots in a bowl with some Garlic Cheddar Cheese Curds and covered it with the hot gravy and topped it off with Bacon Bits and chopped Parsley. I hope I'm doing it right, regardless this shit is the bomb. #cannabisinfused #poutine #poutinetots #cannabiskitchen #medibles #edibles #eattotreat #ardentcannabis #magicalbutter #wedonteatthesame #thehighlife #topshelf #stonerfood #pnwstoners #munchies #munchies420 #cannabiscommunity #cannabislife #cannabislifestyle #cannabisculture

I'm making fermented Hot Sauce. Picked up a mixed batch of peppers from a local vendor today. Ground up Poblanos, Fresnos, Jalepenos, pimentos and some birds eye Thai Chilis. I have about a gallon of chili paste fermenting now.

It's been a couple weeks now so here's another set of pics. These are a couple clones I took earlier in the Summer and didn't get them in the dirt in time to take advantage of the outdoor Natural lighting. But recently A friend of mine gave me a @phototroninc light unit and so I took one of the clones and stuck it, five gallon pot and all, into the Phototron light box (the potting container takes up half of the light box lol), I left the other clone outside on the deck to continue to grow into its Flowering cycle. The indoor plant I've already had to top off and trim back a week ago so that it would slow its vertical growth and bush out and the outdid plant I've left alone. Both plants are about the same hight now and you can see a considerable difference in the two, one is stick and the other is a turning into a stout little bush with a stalk twice as thick and several times as much foliage. #cannabishorticulture #cannabiscultivation #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #growyourown #keepongrowing #letitgrow #cannabiscures #cannabisheals #homegrownmeds

I picked up some sweet trimming scissors from @beardbrand. I figured if I'm going to grow a beard again I'd might as well do it in style. As an added bonus they sent me a sample of their Old Money: Sea Salt Spray to add volume and texture to the beard. I guess I'll be making Mustache Wax, and Beard Oils again soon too. #keepongrowing #beardbrand #beards #beardscissors #beautyproducts #beardstyle

Brought some Flowers that my Buddy grew home for my Mom to enjoy. Thank you Eric.

I just got a sweet mystery package dropped in the mail from @doshworld today. He does mystery drops every week or so on his web site and whenever you make a purchase from his shop you're entered into his monthly giveaway. This is a fun little functional piece (signed and dated) small enough to carry around as a daily driver. Something to take with you on life's adventures. An embellished hand tool to be shared and experienced with friends. Thanks again for creating and sharing your art with us all DoshWorld. #dosh #doshworld #doshworldglass #mysterybox #functionalglass #functionalglassart #boroglass #boroglassart #glassart #functionalart #glasscollector #borocollector #supportindependentartists #supportthearts #pnwstoners #glassblowersofig

Cannabis Infused Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice, Eggrolls and Potstickers fried in Infused Cannabis oil, and vegetable pumpkin Curry Cannabis Infused.

Setting up some support poles to brace the plants up as they are going into Flower. These are all seed grown, Sungrown, soil grown, organic. Seeded in the Solarium, vegged outdoors, and returned to the solarium to Flower. Just dirt, Fertilizer, and Natural Sunlight. Plants are looking healthy, happy, and pest free. Buds are a couple weeks into flower now and lookin like little fluff balls and the plants are starting to smell now. I'm getting excited now for Octobers harvest. I've learned a lot watching these plants grow and as I part of it I grew a lot myself. When this is all dried and cured I hope to press it into Rosin, cook it into oils, and make medicated topicals, edibles, tinctures, and ointments to help my friends, family, and elders in need. I hope everyone is enjoying this last push of Summer and is having a good weekend. Thank You to everyone who's supported my journey and growth. Peace, Love, and Light Fam. #cannabiscultivation #cannabisculture #cannabislife #cannabislifestyle #pnwweed #sungrowncannabis #organiccannabis #soilgrown #letitgrow #cannabisheals #cannabishelps

I like the shape of this piece of Fossilized Mammoth Ivory paired with this Lions Eye component Milli by @dapoglass. I'm playing around with different materials in my supply box trying to come up with ideas for some jewelry projects.

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