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John Prentice 

Tiny glass sculpture in front of an inner ear bone from a whale.

A little Breakfast Burrito Action this morning😋. Had a friend stop by to pick up some infused pain cream and made extras, She wasn't hungry so more for me 😎. My friend told me how her friends think my Cannabis pain cream is so wonderful, and That made me feel really good, it's so nice to be able to help people with their ailments without pills and nasty side effects. Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend. Peace and Love Fam. Do a good turn Daily.

Got these sick prints back from the frame shop and I'm loving them. Artwork by @justinlovatoart

Just got my @justinlovatoart "Cultivate" prints back from the frame shop, they did a great job at Frameworks in Port Townsend, WA. I had them frame up 2 editions of the same print on different colored mats; And, I had them float the prints when they matted them so I could show the deckled edges of the paper. Print #'s 11&12 of a 100 print series. #cannabislife #cannabiscultivation #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity

Got some Heat in the mail. Scooped another amazing rig from @gusglass. Black and White with Rainbows using some Sick Vac Stack from @goldengateglassworks. The line work on this piece is so dope. Awesome mouthpiece and booty. Great Function. 14mm joint. #borosilicate #boroglass #borocollector #rainbows #oprahsbookclub #oprahswookclub #headies #headyglass #cannabiscommunity #cannabislife #cannabislifestyle

One of my friends gave me a container with three grams of strawberry Lemonade Clear THC distillate. So I made a batch of Strawberry Lemonade THC infused gummies with it. Not really sure the potency but I'm guessing around 40mg THC per bear. These are really tasty... You can totally taste the hash though, lol.

So I took a couple leftover breaded chicken breasts and chopped them up and sautéed them in some cannabis infused avocado oil I made and then added some hot sauce and tossed it around a bit. And then I put a loaf of garlic bread in the oven and baked it and took it out to cool and placed a sheet pan of bacon in the oven to bake. When that was done I took about a half a pound of bacon and chopped it up and then layered chili cannabis chicken, Havarti cheese, bacon, and more cheese on top of the garlic bread and wrapped it all back up in a foil pouch and put it back in the oven for the cheese to melt. This is so bomb!! #cannabisfood #cannabiskitchen #cannabisinfused #cannabiscooking #munchies #edibles #medibles #ganjagoodness #weshouldsmoke #weshouldeat

Found some lenses in the basement from some old theatre spotlights that I took apart. Getting ready for some Solar Hits.

I like how the new growth on this cacti looks like pineapples. Then as it gets older the shape flattens out a bit and then it turns into a branch of the cacti. It grows little green leaves out of its areoles every spring and they are backed up by the tiniest, Barbed ,spines.

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