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John Prentice 

Awe man the hot tub was epic tonight with some Dabs of Diesel-Thai sugar wax from @mantis_extracts grown by @mother_earth_farms off of my Trichroscope #trichroscope from @karmaglass420 followed up with a couple doobies and a cold can of @ninkasibrewing Prismatic IPA. That wax is so terpy and 🍊citrusy it’s simply divine. It pairs so well with the hoppy tropical 🌴 notes in the beer.

Playing with the camera 📸 on my new ☎️ this thing takes some pretty nice 👍 nighttime photos. I took these and then got in the hot tub 🛀 and watched the moon 🌙 set. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day.

The goats 🐐 were eager to eat tonight. Snickers kept jumping up on the gate while he and Pippy took turns head butting Hawk.

Lunch time snuggles.

A little After Work Relief, Smokin Doobies in Jacuzzis! #doobiesinjacuzzis #cannabislifestyle #cannabisliving #thehighlife #topshelfliving

What a Lover. This dude just wants to cuddle.

Thank you Miss Jodi for painting this beautiful tumbler for me I really enjoy it. It looks so amazing with some sprite in it. The translucent colors and glitter sparkle and shimmer as the bubbles rise to the surface. #sharingiscaring

Just Dem Boys... Hawk is such a lover! He’s a really good dog and super smart. He has emotions and feelings, and just like anyone all he wants is a little love. #dogsitting #farmdog #guarddog #doberman #dobermanpinscher #dobie #dobielove

Hawk says, “Do you hear what I hear, Do you see what I see”? I’m looking at all of the holiday lights that Miss. Jodi has put up around the farm. I love Christmas lighting so much. In Nordic countries Christmas time is a Festival of Lights, and in Alaska we always put up holiday lights Everywhere to break up the night in this darkest time of year. People always comment to me how dark it must be in then winter time in Alaska and I usually respond that it’s really not as bad as one would imagine With the reflection of the Moon and the stars reflecting off the Snow and the Christmas lights refracting the light. Without the Darkness we wouldn’t appreciate the Light. I hope everyone is having a good night.

Meanwhile Back On The Farm....Hawk and Lola get some JP time for a few days. Hawk is Super Excited to show me his new rope toy and try and hit me in the nuts with it while he rag dolls it. Lola is just as eager to sit on my lap and preen herself. These are both amazing animals and I feel blessed to spend time with them. Hawk took a break from doing laps around the livingroom with his new toy to come drench my face with kisses of love. #dogsitting #dogsipet #yorkshireterrier #dobermanpinscher #farmdogs #itsadogslife #dobiekisses #puppylove #treehawkfarms #freethetree #treehawklife #w.w.j.p.d.

I’m struggling trying to find places to hang these awesome works of art I’ve been collecting lately. So I decided to take the Monterey Jazz Fest poster down and replace it with this Justin Lovato @justinlovatoart “Cannabis Harvest” print that I had framed and Matted locally at Frameworks in the PT Underground @frameworks.nw In Port Townsend, Wa. I think I might have to lower it a little bit, But honestly I kind of like it being slightly above eye level as it places the viewer in the same line of perspective that the artist was when creating the work. It’s as if the viewer is standing at the bottom of a Hill looking up through a Garden of Cannabis at the Cabin in the background. There’s so much detail in Lovato’s works to explore. #artwork #psychedelicart #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabislife #cannabislifestyle #cannabiscultivation #cannabisculture

This new camera is sick AF. I can’t believe how vibrant the pics look in low lighting. iPhone X’s Max.

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