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jpeyt  treats and snoozin. snoozin and treats. Nashville

things that are more important than understanding:

the desire to understand.

thankful for these nerds and their mutual desire to continually engage with difficult things because, love.

I met this friend at a time when I felt broken and unseen and unknown. Rarely have I ever so quickly felt safe and loved and understood like this one made me feel; she is grace and light, love and kindness and endless strength, and I'm so thankful for her. Eternal praises for birthdays and people who show you that when something breaks, putting it back together might just mean more repurposing than repairing, and allowing new, beautiful things to grow.
HBD, j. Love you to pieces. 😻#honoraryPalermosister #fbf

"I'm doing a tbt; is it Thursday today?" "No. But it will be in 4 hours. 9-10-11-12, ok no, 3 hours; I'm bad at math." #chicago #tbtalmost

All the veggie dogs in the Windy City cheering for the cubs (whilewatchingthepreds)πŸ’ƒπŸ»

When you just looooove a good local sport game team. #gohockey πŸ’βšΎοΈπŸŽ‰

Other stuff for the "things I'm in love with" file. @colectivocoffee is so dreamy! 😻

can't stop, won't stop.

thinking about this queen today! hbd to the sassiest, most moody, brave, tender-hearted babe I know.

Duke the Dreamboat

File under: things I'm in love with 😻

next level family feast over here 😻

Sometimes The Girl starts playing and then @muhhlisss makes you the most delish iced coconut cream and all is right in the world. 😻

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