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God damn do I love BMX.
More than I could ever put into words.
What a great day, at the first ever Mullaly Classic Competition. Can't wait for the next one.
Can't believe how long this park has been open and creating community here in the Bronx.

When us old head BMX guys get together and talk it's a thing of beauty. Talk about the culture, the kids coming up, making an impact where you can, what riders changed our whole perspective, how BMX changed our vision and made us reinvent the world around us, seeing lines everywhere, and what BMX truly brought to our lives...
So enriching.
Skillz here hosts a weekly Saturday cruise, from Mullaly in the Bronx, into the city, and all over New York. Thanks for making a difference.

Anyone else remember that year the @bilenkycycleworks junkyard cross was followed by the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships, and a blizzard hit??
That was a good year. So many friends. So much solidarity. So many beers.
Was nice seeing Esher in his element as well!
#YashicaT4 / #Portra400

Caught a summer cold. Slept way too much in the last 48hours.
But, just threw this quickie together out of scraps from earlier in the week.
Not mad at it. Wanna make more though

Outtakes while shooting with @tenthousandgear

Outtakes while shooting with @tenthousandgear

Outtakes while shooting with @tenthousandgear

Last night.
@gaavv sent me this photo late last night, and I was like "man, I'm a fuckn dweeb..."

Welcome to New York gents

No matter how old you get, don't ever forget your roots.
And always hold that fence gap open for your man

They don't make em' like they used to!
This 10lb 90's/early 2000's masterpiece, with dinner plate dropouts, wishbone seat stays, and welded gyro tabs, started a good conversation about the first real frames we rocked while coming up.
Lino and I are the same age, and cut from the same cloth, so naturally the conversation wormholes down way too far.
Was nice catching up for a bit, see you soon!!

BMX is alive and well in New York City

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