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Jeremy Park  20 | Sending It 🚀 5'10 | 180lbs 🇺🇸UD | NJ 🇰🇷 100% natty #Roadto190 Tips and tricks to living an aesthetic lifestyle.

☠️Quad FINISHER ☠️
Wasn’t much of a “leg guy” up until a few months ago. Decided to make an executive decision and substitute Monday’s with legs rather than hitting chest like the rest of the crowd. Been trying out a ton of legs exercises and this is by far a movement worth sharing.
I’m gonna call these “Close-Grip Cable Quad Killers w/ a plate under your heels” lmao no idea the correct name but as long as your hitting these you will make quad gains. The plate under the heels really allow your quads to take over and stay engaged during the entire set.
Tip💰: When hitting these your main goal is to use full range of motion. Since this is to finish off your work out I recon 4 sets of 15-20 reps. Really squeeze out the last bit of energy you have.

Manifest the life you wish to live, then start livin it. 🦅 #flexfriday

Murdered shoulders before kicking off this weekend. 🚀
BOULDER SHOULDER’s: Here is an exercise I just recently discovered. If you have a incline hammer strength press machine at your gym definitely try this movement out. I’m using embarrassingly light weight, but I’m not aiming for big weight when doing these. The goal is to keep it slow and controlled for an insane mind muscle connection. Keep the sets around 4/5 and go for 12-15 reps. In my opinion this movement lets me really emphasize the front delt contraction with out having to stabilize the weight. Definitely try these out and if y’all have any questions hit the DM’s. Deuces ✌🏼
🎥: @alchen_

Monk Mode Activated ✅
💥Here goes nothing, everyone is dealing with something wether it’s personal, family, or relationship issues. I’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Alopecia Areata ever since I was 13, it’s a stress induced hair loss. Recently due to some events that have occurred within my life this disease has attacked my immune system and my hair loss is the worst it’s ever been. This truly isn’t a big issue at all compared to what some other individuals might be going through but this definitely has effected me internally. I am actively trying to focus on mental clarity because I often times find myself running in circles with ideas, stresses, and etc. Treating this time of my life as a blessing in disguise, experiencing what it’s like not to have a full head of hair is eye opening. I want to give back. ⚡️With that being said, I need you guys to help. My fraternity is participating in an organization to help fight childhood cancer called UDANCE. I have a personal donation page and all this money goes to those families with bigger problems than all of us. This money isn’t used for some never ending cancer cure research, it is used to help families keep a roof over their heads. I will provide a link in my bio that you can donate directly on that page, even the smallest donations help! Let’s give these families HOPE and one less problem to have to deal with. ❤️

At the moment I am a full time college student with the passion and dream for living a fit lifestyle. This doesn’t mean selfies, gym content, and heavy weights all my life. Yes, right now my page is to inspire and share the knowledge I’ve learned over the past years regarding how to build strength and aesthetics. But I don’t plan for this to encompass my entire life. Things happen for a reason and when you’re chasing your dreams monumental moments within your life will start to connect and turn full circle.
Ideally I’m sculpting a body to ultimately love and maintain, once the shape is formed I plan to increase my functionality.
In my opinion seeing someone better themselves in what ever it may be can do 2 things. Either motivate themselves and strive to be better or choose to feel angry and hate due to ones own insecurities. 🦈

🍍 brudda, kids beastin it up on the field rn. Absolutely laying kids out on the turf 😂😂😂 ————————————————
TAG your lifting buddy :)

The long hiatus of no posts is finally over, been 12 days since my last post... I’m sorry for that but in all honesty ya boys been dealing with some stuff. If y’all been peepin the stories you know I’m still chasing the gains and the goal is 190lbs. Been experimenting all types of work out splits and really trying to emphasize the thickness of my back as well as my legs. Once I’ve committed to a training style I will share all the details and take you along the way. For now I’ll catch ya later, just know ya boys back. 🦈

Putting these calories to good use, workouts lately have been nothing but linear progress. My strength is slowly coming back and it’s an amazing feeling. Morning weight is fluctuating between 177-180lbs. This whole entire process of muscle building absolutely blows my mind because I’m constantly learning and the knowledge is infinite. Oh and also Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Just had a filthy arm work out. 🦍Followed a program by @alfitness21 , the pump was absolutely insane. This is my current physique and size, definitely planning to grow this semester. Y’all ready to follow my Road to 190?? Excited to start moving weight again and hit some PR’s. That’s all for today ✌🏼

If it were up to me I’d make shirts illegal. #freethenipple 🦍

Sunday Scary’s hitting me harddd right now. Heading back down to dirty Delaware for spring semester. A proper road to 190lbs starts now. Anyone else hopping on the #GainTrain 🚂 ?

First team all aesthetics 🏆 #shredzville

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