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JP Davy  Petland • TKE • Escambia County Fire Rescue • Grace ❤️

This past summer when I was at work, I noticed this extremely gorgeous girl that always came in to play with the puppies. I always made it an effort to be the one to get her whatever puppy she wanted. When the school year started, Greek life brought us closer than we thought and I've been in love ever since. Grace, you are the sweetest, most loving and honest girl a guy could ever ask for. I love you so much! Happy 3 months sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

"I'm 22 now, it's time to f**king act my age" G-Eazy
Thank god antibiotics cancel birth control, am I right? Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

I don't always go canoeing with the people I love, but when I do, I make sure to freeze my ass off

Not only is it New Years Eve, but it's also my parents 25th anniversary! I love them so much and I couldn't ask for better parents! What's been their key to making it this far? To hell if I know

Go ahead, ask us. #freetke

Shoutout to this gorgeous, sweet and caring girl! After a month, I'm still not sure which one of us is goofier! ❤️😘

I brought my roommate Patty Ice home to show him how the Davy's do Thanksgiving. From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

2 years ago I decided to start hitting the weights. In that time I've gained over 30lbs and have blown past my initial goals. I'm in the best shape of my life and don't ever plan on stopping! I can't thank my gym buddy/co-worker/fraternity brother/best friend A.K.A. Walli enough. He's pushed me well beyond what I thought were my limits and kept me motivated.

This is our before photo. The after photo is minimally 5 years away. Boooo suspension #freetke

You think I'm gonna shy away from an opportunity to dance in front of countless people? Hell no. #rushtke #kdx

A very nice girl gave me a chalk stick and said "express yourself". So I did #rushtke #taupsi #uwf

Make crop tops great again. "Kickstart my heart" by Motley Crew is the greatest song ever.

Dega troopers were very welcoming. @oldrowofficial

Talladega was one of the greatest trips of my life. I even ran into some fellow TKE brothers. @tkeclemson. #clemsontke

Fun fact: I'm a registered democrat. You must become one with the inbreds to understand them better. My sense of humor is better than yours.

Dega day 1. I just might get my ass kicked. I wanted to fit in with the crowd

"Welcome pledge. Let us guide you through the fraternal process."

"First due at the U"
I decided to keep my shirt on this time

Happy 29th birthday to the prettiest mom ever! I couldn't have asked for a better mom to be the favorite child of. I love you more than you'll ever know!

"Let me explain to you why this puppy will cost you several thousand dollars" - Me everyday

After a dragged out and unnecessary health scare, I'm officially one of Escambia County's newest firefighter trainees. The medical staff at the county clinic believed I had an underlying heart condition after running an EKG on me twice. Turns out, the more healthy someone's heart is at my age, the more abnormalities on an EKG. With that nonsense behind me, I am able to keep doing what I love. I already have a few calls under my belt here in Pensacola and cannot wait to progress! 🚒🇺🇸🚒🇺🇸🚒🇺🇸🚒🇺🇸

I had the privilege to go to NOLA through my fraternity TKE. During ritual I sat next to a random old dude... Turns out he was Mark Romig, voice of the New Orleans Saints and CEO of Tourism Marketing Corporation here in New Orleans. Not a bad weekend #tkeconclave2017

We both wanna fight crime one day

Beer tastes better with family on the beach. Happy 4th everyone! 🇺🇸

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