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Joy Prouty  Seed sowing, thanks giving, wild road wandering, photo taking, house renovating & homeschooling my five babes. [work IG: @wildflowersjoy]

"I go down to the shore in the morning and depending on the hour the waves are rolling in or moving out, and I say, oh, I am miserable, what shall - what shall I do? And the sea says in its lovely voice: Excuse me, I have work to do." ~ Mary Oliver. #thesepicturesarepoems

A little clip of a harvest session film I'm working on from my time in Seattle with the sweetest family. My favorite kind of beauty... found in backyard corners and dark kitchens and all the hidden pockets of magic only visible in the quiet hours of the everyday. My goal when I show up to someone's home is simple: be still and find the joy. And here: do you see it on this mama's face? I didn't have to look far, she radiates SO MUCH JOY. [For more of my photography work you can follow me over on @wildflowersjoy 🌸. (Music: Elation by the Isbells licensed through The Music Bed.)

Two years ago today I posted this photo and the announcement of our tiniest babe blooming in my belly. Gracie had dreamed the night before of a little toddler boy with curly blonde hair and blue eyes running through a field of dandelions alongside his big brother. We giggled at the thought, but today he is here and he runs and his hair is blonde with a hint of strawberry and his eyes are sparkling blue and his favorite thing is to blow wishing flowers.

A few good words from church yesterday: Passion isn't manifested in how high you jump, instead, it's how straight you walk when you get back up on your feet. So stay steady going forward, friend, and don't worry about them high jumpers. #thesepicturesarepoems

I've been quiet over here. Editing up a storm and working my buns off to get images and films to clients and then snuggling my babes and kissing my husband in between breaks to occasionally eat food. Oh, and at 2am the other night to try and keep myself awake and because the walls felt like they were closing in on me I decided to rip down our green wallpaper (don't worry, I saved it and rolled it all up again for another project someday) and now the wall is nice and clean and looks like this. I'm trying to decide on maybe putting up beadboard and chair rail on the bottom half of the wall, or a mantle, or a shelf, I don't know. 🤔 You can always tell the current state of my heart by the number of times I move furniture per day or change things in our home (anybody else?). I've done it since I was little. I thank the good Lord that I married a very patient man.

Woods rich with the aroma of lilac and drake's rocket. 🌸 #thesepicturesarepoems

Taken today by my Grace.

"It is our children who serve as the doorway we pass through to meet God face to face." ~Dan B. Allender, from the book 'How Children Raise Parents'... just started reading it and have already underlined about a hundred sentences.

My Mabel Elizabeth. Named after her Daddy's favorite Grandma. #thesepicturesarepoems

Out of focus just enough for their bond alone to be the thing most in focus. #thesepicturesarepoems

I always wished for a sister. #thesepicturesarepoems

This morning was so so good. Also, Clementine was obviously less than impressed with this photo moment but Smith's smile is the best. ❤️

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