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Joy Prouty  Road wandering, film making, seed sowing, holistic living & schooling our 5 babes. Photog IG: @wildflowersjoy


(Turn sound on!) One more peek at this breathtaking mountaintop Wyoming wedding film!

[turn sound on!] I rode horseback that day on a once-wild stallion with all of my camera gear up a steep mountain near the Grand Tetons into a hidden grove of aspens exploding with color at the peak of fall. I giggled more in the span of that mountain ride than I have in all of my adult life combined. Lauren and Chris have a way of bringing that out of people. The pure joy just simmering beneath the surface of us all, coaxed out occasionally by life experience or special people. They are those special people. I was made to feel part of the family. My camera was secondary. What a gift that was. And I believe that you can see it in this film. All the love just spilling out of them into every soul lucky enough to be included in that proclamation of love up on that mountain top. (Full film coming to @wildflowersjoy soon!)

Yes I am. // In Seattle til tomorrow.

Thinking about the places I've felt the most nourished. It's never about the place. It's just that the place allows the mind to open a bit and all the everyday magic is amplified to the most pure degree and it floods all over all at once like a rainstorm. A storm of savor. That's what I wake up everyday chasing after. In my work, in my home, in my soul; it's the slow savoring of life, documented.

My top nine most liked photos of the year: sunsoaked images of my babies, our new home in Tennessee and Taylor Lautner. I'd say it was a pretty good one.

Fiery and full of love.

The children are always watching. Are we modeling compassion? Are we showing them what to reach for? Are we falling to the ground with a crash or are they seeing us land softly? These are the questions I have been asking myself lately. I know that functioning on 'Overwhelmed' mode sure doesn't allow energy, mentally or physically, to make intentional, life-giving decisions. I also know that it's difficult and not always possible to make space for healing to begin. But we have to try! I function in a state of attempted balance 80% of the time (teetering between motherhood and work simultaneously), but I know that the other 20% where I'm able to focus on only my work, apart from them physically and mentally, is so crucial. To complete projects with clarity, peace and contentment. To remember I have value beyond the balancing act. To open my arms, take off my shoes and dance a few steps of joy. So that when I return to them, I can teach them my new dance steps. I can be fun again. I can be the mama I spend hours praying to become crouched in the darkness in my closet on the days my balancing fails. I just want each of us, on whatever day this happens to be, to walk outside onto our porches or balconies or front yards or alleyways, raise our faces up toward the sun and exhale, knowing that women all over the world are doing just the same. We are in this together. We have to hold space for the other women who may not have the strength to hold it themselves. ❤️ And, in the effort of hoping to find tangible ways of giving ourselves time to breathe, may I ask how you women nourish yourselves on the days that seem so full you may crumble? I'm speaking practically...is it a walk outside? Five minutes of quiet before you start your day? I'd love to hear from all of you in hopes that your efforts may inspire others to find bits of hope within their days as well. (Photo of my friend and fellow artist, Phoebe Wetzel, age 6, watching on as I was being recorded dancing in the rays of sun yesterday for an upcoming film. I love her hand on the glass and the attentiveness her mama had as she watched her girl take all the beauty in.)

Barefoot in the woods. I got an hour at lunch with my girl @ekwetzel and she sent me this photo.

Revisiting the bright spots.

If you're looking for my heart in an image, you'll find it in this one. It's tucked into that patch of sun streaming through an antique cotton hankie pinned up as a curtain. It's in the chalk dust dancing in the light. In those creamy walls and the warm wind that wrapped around us as we burst out of those schoolhouse doors like Laura herself. I'm always tucking myself into my images. I hope you see me there. And in the process of looking, hopefully you see a bit of yourself, too.

This is my new editor/production assistant, Sarah. She's training all week, listening to my big dreams and project ideas and filming me talk about the creative process. She filmed me shooting a family session this morning with sunbeams streaming through the fog like heaven beams. And then we walked along the boardwalk by the sea in a tiny town and decided it's time to start a YouTube channel. She's working on our first episode: a day in the life of joy prouty at work. I think you may enjoy it. Would this be of interest to you... hearing the inner workings of my brain and heart and seeing me in action?

Tenderness and compassion are holy. Let's spread a little more of that around, shall we?

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