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Joy Prouty  Road wandering camera wielding homeschooling family of seven based in Nashville. Work: @wildflowersjoy. . We were together. I forget the rest.-Whitman

Well, 6 out of 7 participating is pretty good! Also, Clementine's smile makes me happy. 😁

I don't have a very good memory. So I really hope I don't forget these twenty seconds. I had a migraine yesterday at this moment, but I also had them. Pain and beauty together as one. I feel better today. I don't remember the details of the pain (only that it was severe) but because of this little video, I remember this. And it makes me so happy I almost cry. And that is everything.

To call the adventures we have taken over the last few years "road trips" just doesn't seem right. Because they have not been merely trips upon roads; they have been a collective expedition through rough waters. The rushes pulling us out and pushing us back in as we grip one another and listen intently for holy whispers that can be sometimes audible above the crashing waves. Our maps are often wrong and our spirits weary, and oftentimes our arrival back home feels more foreign than the trip itself. But... when the storm settles a bit every now and then and the water is glassy (and the children finally asleep), I am able to exhale and remember our why: TOGETHERNESS. I breathe it in, I rewind the days in my head, I see these strings of images -the shining highlights- and I see us together and am revived again to keep traveling on. (Film footage from this past week in Rhode Island.)

Smith and his Mama. Best friends.

My definition of family: A lovely mess of imperfect humans trying to figure out all the things that can barely be figured out while dancing one another home through a dark and winding forest - every single day. It's confusing and loud and breathtaking and exhausting and defeating. But there are these bright, beautiful bolts of lightning woven all the way through.

These shining bolts of beauty are what I wait silently for as a photographer. I watch for the leaning in, for deep breaths, for connection and also resistance. All to say, I watch for LOVE.

When I see love enter, everything changes. The world seems to stop turning and the cinematic music begins to play in my head and my hands reach for the camera and I grin and hold my breath, wishing it not to pass too quickly. And then I have it. Captured like a wild animal within the cage of my camera. One I hold to my heart as it beats wildly knowing the tender hope held within.
So, I guess you could say that my photographs are living remnants of the bright spots. That even after the wild animal has long been gone from the forest, and the kids are all grown up and gone and the messy house is perfectly clean and it's quiet... too quiet.... well, this tender lightning bolt still remains. The photograph.
[This is a clip of a documentary I have been working on for quite some time. The behind the scenes of my work photographing what I call Harvest Sessions. Honest, full day sessions at home, harvesting hope in the everyday in the form of photographs and film.]
I would love to know how this little snippet makes you feel... will you tell me? I'd be so honored and grateful. It's a work I would love to continue making!

[Turn sound on!] I've been working on a little documentary. It is, to put it simply, the beauty I have seen in the families I have worked with, in between the camera clicks. I have been graciously invited into the lives and homes of hundreds of families over the last few years to photograph their everyday. I have been made better as a human for my time spent alongside them, they have been my teachers and my inspiration. I deeply want to share it all with you... this is my first small dose of sharing. I'd love to hear what you think about this clip. Would you like to see more? ☺️❤️

Can you even handle this? My oldest two mid-performance in a film they are making. #proutyfamilyadventures

She chose the very best spot on the whole east coast to write a poem, I do believe.

I fell in love with him at 14. He had a beard and a gentle smile. He still makes me laugh when I want to cry and he makes me the most mad when he gets me laughing while also crying. We are tired parents and artists and humans and at this very moment we are happy.

One last day in Rhode Island. #proutyfamilyadventures

We are staying in a church built in the 1800's in Rhode Island and we are all completely enchanted by our surroundings! #outtheproutywindows #proutyfamilyadventures

Making efforts to remember... instead of avoiding the remembering to escape the possibility of pain. Which is really avoidance which leads to frustration and detachment and darkness and numbness. And then all the glimpses of joy leave too. So, instead: I'll attempt to show up and make a big giant effort to create something tangible to help me remember. This photo is proof that this glorious moment yesterday happened. And instead of being down about not being fully present while it happened, I am going to be kind to myself, try again today, and just savor this remnant of my beautiful daughter taking in the Atlantic. || "A pleasure is not full grown until it is remembered." -C.S. Lewis

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