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Joyner Lucas  I’m Kind of a Big Deal Tour (link in bio)


Cheers @chrisbrownofficial. Happy birthday to one of the realest niggaz I ever met. What’s crazy is how long I actually been a breezy fan & how much love and respect I already had for you before I even personally knew you. These days you have became my bro. You the closest thing to Michael Jackson we got left my nigga. You are our generations Michael Jackson. Period. And no matter how many muthafukaz try and take that from you, they never can.. no matter how many mistakes you have made or will make, nobody can strip you of what you have contributed to the game. You the king of this r&b and pop shit. Nowadays you even going bar for bar with me lyrically and taking my shine. 😂 WHAT CANT YOU DO NIGGA!!??? Lol happy birthday hoe and thank you for embracing me when 90% of these rap niggaz were afraid to. Thank you for standing with me and teaming up with me while we destroy these niggas together. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 our “angels and demons” album gonna fuck the world up. 💪🏽 happy birthday again hoe 🥂 🍻

I don’t die full video on YouTube. @chrisbrownofficial

“Winter blues” full video on YouTube

“Ultrasound” full video on YouTube

“Just like u” full video on YouTube

“I’m sorry” full video on YouTube

“Happy birthday” -full video on YouTube

TOUR - ticket link in bio 🙏🏽

Video link in bio

(Joyner Lucas Gucci gang remix) -full Video on YouTube now

Link in bio

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