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h u m p d a y 🙌

So glad there are just two more days left. As I'm more than ready for the weekend. This week with Kindergarden and all that emotions coming up are really stretching my nerves 🙈

Need moments like these 🙏

Für eure #instagramherbstchallenge hier Mal ein #herbstspaziergang ganz anders liebe @little_team_awesome
und @sali.eli
Außerdem passt es auch zu der #draussenentdeckt_challenge
von der lieben @mein.herzplatz #aufschrittundtritt in #ohmeinschönesMallorca #ichwettediesenhashtaggibtesnochnicht 😂

Oh, girl!
When did you grow up to this little lady? When did you stop being a baby? My little angel.

No one else will ever understand the feeling a mother has for her baby. Yes, baby. Cuz she'll always be my b a b y g i r l. Though you say "Danke" whenever someone gives something to you or the other way around, though you can drink water from a cup by yourself and eat with a fork, brush your teeth, climb up the stairs. Though you know when someone feels sad and you are the one who tries to make him feel better with you kisses. Though you act like an adult not even being a meter tall. 💗

Kindergarten went better today. We took some time before she left with her teacher to see the other kids. They told me that she was ok. There is still this strange feeling inside me and I'm not sure I want to keep her there. #feelingallthemommyworries #baddays
Guess there are waiting some more sleepless nights for me. 🙈

these are the moments💗

I really, really try to take all in. Slowly and very, very deep. Try to keep them inside me and remember them forever.
Today was a big day for us. For me as a mom and for my baby as a Kindergarten girl. It was her first day and while I was trying to challenge my tears at home she was crying all the time. After one hour they called me to pick her up and we didn't separate since then. She didn't want to sleep by herself and needed a lot of mommy time.

I thought this would be much easier as she is such a happy kid. She is fine with everybody. Always smiling, running around and laughing. But guess she realized that mommy and daddy weren't anywhere nearby.

We'll give it a new try tomorrow and I just hope that she'll be fine. I know that she'll love it some day. But it's so hard for a mom. I'm not really prepared for these emotions. So wish me luck 🍀 Hope you had a better Monday.

Good night lovely community and thank you so so much for all your messages. ✨

c h i l d h o o d

Should be full of magical moments. Big dreams. Great adventures. And deep love.

So we enjoyed our weekend with family and friends before our big day tomorrow. Kindergarten is waiting for us and I can't believe it. I know she'll be fine and will have a lot of fun. But I'm gonna cry all the tears she won't.

#biggirl #myeverything #childhood

b i r t h d a y p a r t i e a

And lollipops are all we need on a rainy Saturday.
#mommyandme #mysunshine #bdayparty

No one else
will ever know
the strength
of my love
for you.

After all,
you’re the only one
who knows
what my heart
sounds like
from the inside. 💗

#motheranddaughter #loveyoutothemoonandback #meandyou

s o u l m a t e 🌊

Couldn't love this man anymore. 💗 Just another quick throwback as my feed will be back on summer mode. #lovemyisland

- g o o d m o r n i n g -

with a little throwback to this delicious breaky @waffelschmiede I would love to have right now. Meanwhile I am back at work with my apple prepared for coffee no. 3 💤

We had such a great time in Germany. A place that used to be my home and still is - kind of. Cuz when we arrived yesterday to Majorca and it's humidity, almost tropical air it felt like holidays although it's my home for the last 10 years.
When I got back to our home and my bed, my kitchen, my bathroom etc. I felt like home again.

So I thought it's funny like two places totally different can feel like home and still so strange in their own way. There are things in Germany that make me feel like at home immediately, like the waffles 😋 or the fresh air. Autumn. The trees and their beautiful colours. But then there are things that are so strange to me. As if I am not a part of this life anymore.

Same here. In Spain. The country and it's nature still reminds me of a holiday place. I mean just think about palm trees everywhere. Sunshine almost everyday and tropical air. Its people and the place I live feel like home though. Guess this is the thing! It's not the place where you live but who you share your life with and what you do to create a home. Wherever you are.

#homeiswhereyourheartis #mineisdividedintotwo #homesweethome

@mominthemirrorblog @miracle.oftwo #septemberchallenge #süssigkeitsc

K i s s e s

From my fav mom-and-pop store 💗

#nomorewordsneeded #love #kisses

💗 g i r l s

could get used to this image and wouldn't mind to have a little girl gang at home. 💗 Guess daddy would also be okay. What do you think?

Tomorrow is our last day. And again it's time to say goodbye 😪 We do miss our Spanish family but will miss this little girl and her family so much. She's Naias real queen. You can find Naia always next to her cousin. Is she jumping and screaming, so will Naia do. Is she talking like there won't be a tomorrow, so will Naia (at least she tries 😂). Will Mia be bossy, so will Naia be 😒 And just hope that our next week will be so exciting that my babygirl won't have too much time to miss her. #Idoalready

#mädchenmama #girlpower #daddydienstag

r o a d t r i p

With a toddler who doesn't really like to go by car. #shelovestheplanethough But we did it. And handled it pretty well.

We did plan everything driving early in the morning or late at night so she was asleep, we planned several stops so she never got to bored and has lots of books, painting stuff and food with us.

And it was great. Everything was perfect. Even the windy and rainy days. To Tavel with kids is different. But if you organize everything and take some time to stop by a playground everything is possible 🙌 So maybe we could start to #traveltheworld

Did you travel with your babies? What was your experience?

H e l l o s u n d a y

We wish you a wonderful day. We are freezing cold but happy to be at this place. Naia doesn't really care about the cold. And mommy is just thinking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte 🎃☕she'll get in a while.

Happy Sunday 🍂🍃🍁 peeps

#mommyandme #mysunshine #strahlemaus

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