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Evelyn  Motherhood | Lifestyle | Fashion ~ Life is to short too wait ~ 📩: joyfullyeve@gmail.com 📍 Mallorca || Spain ||

Time ✨
You all know it's the most precious thing in life. I remember my mom's words when she used to say "the older you get the faster time passes by". Especially as a mom I realized how much value this little word became. We run from one appointment to another. Make plans. Eternal to-do lists and then there are those tiny human who remind us of what really matters.

So you change plans. Hide your to-do lists and just sit down and read a book. Or brush each other's hair. Or you just try to figure out how many new words she already knows and I don't understand. It's even harder if you don't know if it's a German word, Spanish or Majorcan one.

The days get shorter and the evenings longer. So we try to calm down a little bit and enjoy those silent moments together. ✨

Naia loves books. She could sit for hours next/on me and we could read tons of books. So Santa will do his best. Any book recommendations?
Meine lieben Bücherfreunde! Habt ihr Tipps? Was sind denn eure Lieblingsbücher?

#magicofchildhood #mommyanddaughter #autumn

Cuz you can never get enough of
s u n s e t s ✨
Don't know how many times I have been at this place to just review the day and be grateful. And it's still a magical moment. Perfect to end a busy day.

As you can see I didn't start to get out all the x-mas decorations so I guess I'll do it now #hinightlife ✌️ Wishing you sweet dreams lovelies ✨

#magicofchildhood #novembersunset #sungoesdown

Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadow will fall behind you.☀️ #weekendlover #weekendvibes #napsinthesun

Just a cozy day at home. While I enjoy her hanging on me like a little koala what reminds me of our first months together, I think about all the things I should've done today. But when your little, wild toddler is sick and turns into this tiny baby again there's nothing more important than being her rock. Even though 9kg are definitely quite a lot compared to 3kg when you have to carry her around  a l l  day. This sudden autumn weather really got us so my order of the health supplements arrived just in time.

Meinen kleinen Wirbelwind hat es voll erwischt und es fühlt sich an wie am Anfang unserer gemeinsamen Zeit #teamKoala Da uns dieses Jahr das Herbstwetter sehr plötzlich überrascht hat und wir quasi von Bikini in den Mantel gehüpft sind, habe ich schon vor ein paar Tagen ein paar Ernährungsergänzungsmittel bestellt, die uns helfen sollen diesen Winter Krankheitsfrei zu überstehen. Denn es gibt doch nichts Schlimmeres als unseren Mäuse leiden zu sehen, oder? Als Mama krank sein ist auch nicht gerade easy. Ich werde euch in den Stories mehr über die Präparate von LR erzählen.

#stayhealthy #mommyanddaughter #cozyhome

The moment everybody's eyes are on y o u
But the only glance yours do catch are those of your partner in crime. Your man. The one person who is your best friend, your big brother, your lover and only love.
I do remember this moment like it was yesterday. I don't remember what exactly our friends said or how the reacted but I know what h e did. 💗

#foreveryouandme #weddingwednesday #mitpapazumaltar

I d o n u t 🍩 know
What I'd do without y o u.

Swipe to the left to see what she's doing with her 🍩. Wishing you a great day. And hey d o n u t worry and be happy. Cuz life is too short.

#duundich #donut #twinningiswinning

Sometimes you met people in life
who help you to focus. To see what's really important in life and what's even better h o w to get to your g o a l s.

Linda @meandpaulina and her family are those people who have dreams and fight for them. Who know when it's time to take an opportunity and how to reach their goals.

We already met in May this year and since then we are in constant contact in digital life. So these are the kind of reunions that feel like you already know those people in front of you for such a long time even if you don't. And I'm so thankful I met them cuz this was just the beginning of a big change on my journey. 💕

Danke für diesen tollen, auch wenn sehr kurzes Update und wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf ein sehr baldiges Wiedersehen! Mit Mütze und Schal. ✌️ #morequalityforyourlife #digitalwirdreal #mondayblues

Happy s a t u r d a y

We're going to run some errands and have a lovely day with family and friends.

#weekendlover #family #mommyanddaughter

Oh girl,
my little baby girl.
When did you grow up?

Guess that's question number one every mom asks herself while watching their babies turn into little human with their own character and ideas. It's pictures like those that make me realize how big she's and how fast time flies. She's my motivation. The reason I working hard every day. The reason for some changes. Changes for more time. For more quality of life.

This is by the way a little #throwback to last weekend. Guess it was the last day of this year at the beach.

Sweat pants and shirt by: @mydudekidsshop

#werbung #coolkid #mdgirl #mydudekid #ad

Wish you all a good night. ✨

While we were still playing at the beach last weekend autumn finally has arrived and cozy mode is on. So we love cuddles and books and hot chocolate 🙌

#cozyvibes #bookworm #meandyou

C o o l k i d s

Are made for Picknicks at the beach in November. 😎 Sorry daddy, guess someone took the pole position when it comes to coolness.
Sweat dress [sponsored]: @mydudekidsshop
Sunnies: H&M
Coolness by: Naia

#mydudekid #coolkid #mdgirl #werbung #ad

h a p p y  kids
just need a  h a p p y  family.

So don’t worry about how big your home is. Don’t worry about how fast your car is. Don’t worry about how many dolls, cars, clothes or toys you buy them.

Just spend some time together. As a family. Hope you had a cozy sunday lovelies! ✨

#wochenende #cozyvibes #familytime

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