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⠀⠀⠀⠀joy⠀🎂⠀25⠀⛺️⠀new zealand  ⠀⠀⠀⠀I love Jesus, singing on roadtrips, ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀walls decked in fairylights ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀and typing paragraphs of love. 🌲🌲

Six weeks is over and today I finally got to change my earrings from the studs!! I chose to wear my black heart ones today! Yay!! 😍

It can be very easy to reflect on the past and feel rejected in the fact that the people who once meant the world to you, have moved on and replaced your role in their life with someone else. But you must not forget that while they may have found a new love or a new friend, they never got to keep YOU. We can get so caught up in feeling the loss of a person in our life, that we forget to consider the loss of ourselves in their life. No we are not perfect lovers and no we are not perfect friends but some days the people that once meant alot to us, will be somewhere or scrolling memes on facebook and for a second they will think of us and for a moment they will miss our existence in their heart. People may move on but that doesn't mean they forget the beauty of who you once were to them. It is easy to replace the role you played in a persons life but nobody can replace your complete collection of characteristics, quirks and inside jokes. Feel the hurt if need be but don't let it rob you from the truth that you are one of a kind, worthy of love and deserving of happiness again. Relationship and friendship break ups are tough but we need to learn from the experiences we shared with them, to ultimately be better lovers and friends to the next person we invite into our hearts. You're amazing with or without your ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex crush or ex best friend. Rise above and choose to overcome the insecurities to become the best version of yourself. We are not nothing but used and broken goods. That is just the lie we tell ourselves in fear nobody will ever love us if they knew what little we had saved for them. *my scattered thoughts that may help more than just me today* 😘😍

Kissing goodbye to all the negative words and toxic people trying to come against me and stand in my way!! 😘

Perhaps my heart longs to be part of another era is because my era was short lived. I caught the last decade of living before friendships were built upon messenger paragraphs and self confidence upon instagram likes. I'm glad I made the most of my childhood because it was the best part of my life to be honest. I felt so surrounded. Now I constantly feel lonely and alone. Social media can be inspirational and damaging all in one. I am really looking forward to hillsong conference and spending time with my childhood best friend in one of the most beautiful cities!! It feels like going back in time but this time I'll be experiencing a beautiful time, as a survivor of so many broken days. I don't always feel on top of my everest but I'm happy I'm still alive. Being alive means I still have time to climb. This was written all over the place but take from it what you will. 😍

Thank you save mart for the two great finds!! Collars + polka dots + strawberry milkshake cardigans = happiness in my wardrobe!! 😍🥛

The other day I finally took the 16personalities test and found out I am an INFJ-T ❤️ It has explained so much about how I tick and how I have felt all of my life. Since discovering my personality type is less than 1% of our world population, I have become obsessed with watching other INFJ's talking about their life stories on youtube. It has brought me such comfort to find out there are actually people out there who think, feel and express themselves just like me. This is mind blowing! It is such a lovely thought to know I am not the only person who can see all of her memories in cinematic form. Every event having a deeper meaning to it than what meets the eye. I've been chatting to a few people online who are INFJ's and it brings me so much joy being able to share my paragraphs with others who love a deep conversation too. I love being raw and real and fearless to dive into the depths of people. Encouraging self growth in others aswell as myself, is my ultimate life goal. I mostly love how I share the same personality type as Martin Luther King and Mother Thesera because they left such an impact on people and that is what I aim to do. Even if it is just with my words of inspiration. I find it cute how my mum is ENFJ, making her the extrovert version of myself pretty much!! What is your personality type? 😍😘

I love my mumma bear 💜

Although some days I may feel depressed, anxious and disappointed; I still believe there is greatness ahead of me and I won't let my future be defined by my current surroundings and feelings. There are exciting days ahead for me, I just don't know what days they are yet. My calendar may be blank but Gods calendar for me is filled with opportunities to shine, to encourage and to inspire. There is too much greatness inside my veins to let myself go to waste. 👊😘

I deserve better than the bull**** I've been dished. 😍👊

Drawing two for today because one drawing was not enough!! 💜

My little quirky undercut lady on this rainy afternoon!! I'm thinking of calling my designs 'The quirky ladies' or 'Little quirky ladies' or 'The quirky ladies club'.. something along those lines!! If anyone has any other ideas let me know!! Picking a name is hard to do!! 💜

Sometimes I think about dwelling on the sad things I have been faced with and then it hits me that I have a choice. Then I am reminded that I am going to freaking hillsong conference this year!! This was my biggest dream all through my teen years and my younger self would have been jumping on her bed in her pyjamas in excitement! I think God knows our hearts deepest desires but perhaps gives them to us when he knows we will get the most out of it or be ready to recieve and appreciate the blessing in it, the most. I am one blessed little lady and I can honestly say for once, I am truly proud of myself lately. Rising above my feelings daily and making a decision to not let heartbreaking moments define my happiness for tomorrow. God has an adventure of greatness before me and I won't let broken promises from man stop me from fullfilling the promises of God for my life. I have a heart full of love and one day I will find someone who will love me back with the same capacity but until then I just need to look forward to the coolest adventure written on my calendar and get excited about that! I am so blessed and too gifted, to let one person steal my Joy! Hell no!! Be happy 😘

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