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Joy Adakole  Have fun and succeed #MARXIST

Landmark university is +1
My alma mater better than urs! 😛😛

All hail the birthday queen!!! Smart, fine, sweet and all.
Your WCW
Our guru.
Our underground slayer (be slaying silently). Mehn m speechless. Words are not enough to describe her.
But I must add I admire ur spirit of focus.
I pray this day that all your heart desires be granted by God (the good ones oo). And I pray for extra extra money (for the turn up 😉) Happy birthday girl.
We love u. @_mimah @_mimah

Good day ladies and gentle men
Impartial panel of judges
Accurate time keeper
This is my co-debator
And to my fellow audience; she is +1 today.
Nkem u are one in a million. Life has been boring to an extent without u around cuz I have noone to argue with.
I miss u alot.
I wish u all u wish urself on this new phase of ur life.
More money, more grace, more joy, more points in ur arguments. I love u bae.
@_konam @_konam

And that's how @sveltie slyed us. @_mimah unique world garden

Right after today's boring cds

Women Women Women
Let's all work to the point where we are more than just;
A man's daughter
A man's sister
A man's niece
A man's aunty
A man's wife or
A man's mother.
There is more to being just that. We all can be leaders outside the family too. But it takes strong women to achieve that. Let us all work hard till it gets to the point where there would be no female leaders but "Leaders". We are strong, we are beautiful.
Three hearty cheers to all women out there.

Please forgive a sister

In the future there would be no black queen......there would just be QUEENS! Agree or nay?

Happiness is key mehn!!

From dust u came into dust u shall return.
Material possessions go no where with u.
Your soul will no longer need clothing.
The flesh you have always tried to please becomes dust.
Remember we are dead longer than we are alive. I will leave u to ponder on that.
Happy new month also.

Of all the commandments of God charity (love) is the greatest.
Love yourself
Love your neighbours
Love God
Love his word.

Hello people, here is a word from an FCT corper.

Everyone i believe is familiar with the saying "even a broken clock is correct twice a day"
Well, it simply means that no matter how bad or useless a person feels he is there is still something good or useful about him.
Now the point is this; no one pays attention to a broken clock even with it being correct twice a day. The broken clock isn't useful except it is worked on and fixed.
So on this note I urge u all to dwell less on that saying and work on ur many flaws so u could become a useful and productive member of the society.

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