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Jσy  •●[they/them]●• Cosplayer Digital artist @joyarto Genderfluid 17 y.o. EN/PT Brazil 🇧🇷 (Brasília-DF)

[₫ø∩'T Tяy Tø ₣i∩₫ мє, ђџмA∩]
૮ѳทƬ¡ทષ૯? y૯ઽ(×) ทѳ( )

This look is one of my favorites ♡
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Usando o cupom "joycoz" em qualquer compra você ganha desconto! :)

Idk why I like these photos that much, maybe it's bc I love elf ears and scissors (?) lol
No makeup ~
I miss my hair like this '3'

First post of this photoshoot! I'm really happy with the result thanks to @malunaretto
Common question:
"What is that on your leg??" I have aplasia cutis congenita on my leg, foot and back (I was born with it!) and don't worry, it just happens that my leg skin is thinner than normal!
Sorry guys, I'm not really the best at picking filters and editing but I hope you like it '3'
Lentes: @nyanya__shop
Usando o cupom "joycoz" você ganha desconto em qualquer compra!!!

More casual Lysander cosplay from Amour Sucré (Amor Doce/My Candy Love) ♡ I used to play this game a lot!

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"Is it raining already??"

◇ [gαʍ૯ ѳ√૯૨] ◇
Ƭ૨y αgα¡ท?
y૯ઽ( ) ทѳ(×)

More Derick from My Personal Rain comic by @mochironmochi / @larapaneto !!! You should totally read it ♡
(Why does my hand look so weirdly tiny in this photo? °-°)
Eu não gostei como minha expressão saiu na primeira foto mas whatevs KFJGJKGKG leiam mesmo, é uma comic incrível gente ☆

I created Lynn while doing this makeup, and there she is!!! She's one of my most powerful OCs ♡
Lentes: @nyanya__shop
Usando o cupom "joycoz" em qualquer compra você ganha descontinho!! :D

Yurio Plisetsky cosplay at Férias Geek ! I met a lot of nice people there! ♡
📸: @centralcosplay_
(Why is instagram always ruining my photos? ;3;)

"Hey, are you ok? I can't see clearly without my glasses..."

I really like how the yellow + pink on the eyes turned out! I still don't have a name for this character but already love her a lot ^3^


"W-who's there??? Don't c-come closer! I have a umbrella and I k-know how to use it!!!"
Meet my new OC Obelia ♡

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