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Date with my favorite 2nd born👩‍👦 It’s movie night at Jory’s school. 🎥🍿 #Coco

#Coachella 🌸🌷🌼 #Day2 #Beychella 💃🏽

When you’re with @darla_persons, you gotta stay ready! *I wasn’t😂 I look mean and mad af😩🤦🏽‍♀️ #Coachella #Day1

My fav pair of siblings! I wasn’t blessed with ANY siblings. I never understood the bond until I had Jory. They fight, like crazy! But, those two will defend each other until the end of time. They are 5 yrs apart and best friends. I look forward to seeing that bond grow into adulthood.
Here is a pic of Jory sleeping ON TOP of Joseph. We still wake up sometimes n he’s asleep in his brothers bed because he was scared😩💙 #NationalSiblingDay 👬 #Brothers

Hereeee’s Johnny!😁🔪 #JoryLove @lays

4 generations in one pic🤗☺️ My mom, my 1st cousin, my 2nd cousin and my 3rd cousin. It was Grandma night the other day. @darla_persons and I took our moms to a drag show. Drag queens and drinks. My fav kinda night! #GirlsNight #GrandmaNight #FamilyNight

I got to spend some time with my family today. Omg I love my niece so much!😩🤗 You know that feeling when you wanna squish a baby all up because they’re so cute? She makes me grind my teeth😂 #TitisBabyGirl #Harpie #FavoriteAuntie 😈
PS. She only lets me take snaps if there’s an animal filter. Otherwise, she can’t be bothered.

Happy birthday to my best friend that has been around since before my boobs grew in😳😂@young_sweetness 🎉💃🏽 I hope you have a wonder day and year to come. Love you and miss you😍😘👯‍♀️ #throwback

Jory: Mami, when you have haters, just dab on those haters.
Me: I don’t have haters. Everyone loves me. And if they don’t, there’s something wrong with them!
Jory: I have haters!
Me: Who?👀 You’re 8 yrs old!
Jory: *Names a kid down the block* He just hates on me because I’m cuter in the face.😎
Joseph has my Dads exact personality. But, Jory tho, 100% me!🤦🏽‍♀️ #JoryLove #BabyBoy #Haters #DabOnEm

@mymmsbrand came through with the customized #ValentinesDay candy for my boys!

Nobody’s kid at this school had shit on my baby. Joseph’s 1st dance.🕺🏽 #ValentinesDance #FreshTaDeath ❤️

Baby Joy with the baby boy💙😍 #FirstBorn @the_random_things_14

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