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ʝơყƈɛɬɬɛ💋  🌇☀🌴🌊🇵🇷 🖤Future RN👩🏽‍⚕️ 🖤Luxury Esthetician💆🏽 🖤Certified Cancer Wellness Provider 📩💁🏽 📷IG:@BeautyXJoycette

I waited 30 years to have play dates with @darla_persons kid😩 Our time has finally come🤗 #Cousins

😭😭😭I sing this to him whenever he starts with his stories. #WhyYouAlwaysLying

Gone but NEVERRR forgotten🖤👨‍👧 #HappyFathersDay

It’s official🙌🏾📚💉👩🏽‍⚕️ On to the next adventure. #RN As much as I love being an Esthetician, California doesn’t let me perform the services and procedures that I want to do. Looking forward to being able to perform all laser treatments, fillers, Botox, using a lancet 😂 etc, and I am SOOO excited🙌🏾 Aaand i just found out today that all of my previous credits transferred so that covered my prerequisites 🙏🏾😩 #BackToSchool #FutureNurse #ItsAboutToGoDown 😈

One more time: 🗣HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMITA!!🎉
PS. Look how extra her mother is. Harpie had her own Snapchat filter😭 @darla_persons & I are DEF blood! We stay doing the most for everything😂 #BirthdayQueen #HarperTurns1

🗣HAPPYYY 1ST BIRTHDAYYY to my niece Harper!!🎉 She is beautiful, smart and perfect and we love her SOO much😩 #FavoriteTiti .
And congrats to @darla_persons & @brettp01 for surviving your 1st year of parenthood🙌🏾🎉🤣
PS. The pic is with her fav “toy” in my house...water containers😂😂 She drags them around n tries to drink it.

Date with my favorite 2nd born👩‍👦 It’s movie night at Jory’s school. 🎥🍿 #Coco

#Coachella 🌸🌷🌼 #Day2 #Beychella 💃🏽

When you’re with @darla_persons, you gotta stay ready! *I wasn’t😂 I look mean and mad af😩🤦🏽‍♀️ #Coachella #Day1

My fav pair of siblings! I wasn’t blessed with ANY siblings. I never understood the bond until I had Jory. They fight, like crazy! But, those two will defend each other until the end of time. They are 5 yrs apart and best friends. I look forward to seeing that bond grow into adulthood.
Here is a pic of Jory sleeping ON TOP of Joseph. We still wake up sometimes n he’s asleep in his brothers bed because he was scared😩💙 #NationalSiblingDay 👬 #Brothers

Hereeee’s Johnny!😁🔪 #JoryLove @lays

4 generations in one pic🤗☺️ My mom, my 1st cousin, my 2nd cousin and my 3rd cousin. It was Grandma night the other day. @darla_persons and I took our moms to a drag show. Drag queens and drinks. My fav kinda night! #GirlsNight #GrandmaNight #FamilyNight