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ʝơყƈɛɬɬɛ💋  🌇☀🌴🌊 🖤Luxury Esthetician💆🏽 🖤Facials 🖤Lashes & brows 🖤Certified Cancer Wellness Provider 📩BeautyXJoycette@gmail.com💁🏽 📷IG:@BeautyXJoycette

Feeling like Prince Akeem today!👑 Cheers to pour decisions🍻🥂🍹😌 #ItsMyBirthday #VirgoSeason

#FamilyDay at @belmontparksd 🎠🎢🍻 We used to do this every week. It’s been forever tho!😩 Back to reality and fun with the crew🤗

I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾 Today was my last clock out at Esthetician school. It was a long, rough journey, but I DID IT!! All while working full time AND raising 2 kids. I survived on 3 1/2 hrs of sleep every night and 20 min naps between work and school. Thank you to every one who played a part in my journey. And a big thank you to my family, my Esti Besties, my educators and the Cosmo Queens for making my day special.😘😘😘 #BellusAcademy #BellusAcademyElCajon #LuxuryEsthetics #Esthetics #Esthetician #Graduated🎓 #EstisAreTheBesties

Last full day of school🙌🏾🙏🏾 I clock out for the last time tomorrow. Muahaha!! Yasss!!! It’s been a long road. I’m ready to be out in the real world as an ESTHETICIAN😁 But, I’m def gonna miss my girls😔
#BellusAcademy #Esthetics #Esthetician #LashArtist #SkinCare #BeautySchool #EstiBesties @maddimays @aleezyco @yazzy.rangel

Just a boy and his cat, watching cartoons😌😼 #JoryLove #Garfield #EarlyMornings

Screaming out a huge HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY to my loves, Joseph & Mami!!!🎉🎉🎉My first born baby is officially a teenager😩😱 These two not only share a birthday, they were also born at the same damn time! Idk how that happened🤔
#Thirteen #VirgoBabies #HappyBirthday

Dar and I swapped babies today🙌🏾😂 They took my boys to the beach and I watched scary movies & took naps with my Harpie Harp.👯 #TitiDay #AuntieMoments #Besties
P.S. She's not mad. She just has a 6th sense where she looks mean as soon as a camera is in her presence. This extra sense is hereditary. Jory had it too😂

It's officially #Joytember 🙌🏾 My birthday MONTH!!🎉 (Yes, the whole month😆) #VirgoSeason 9 1/2 school days until I graduate too!!🎉👩🏽‍🎓 #Countdown

Today was my contractual graduation date.😔👩🏽‍🎓 But, I didn't go to school everyday😩
Moral of the story: Kids, (and adults who do things backwards🙋🏽) TAKE YA ASS TO SCHOOL!!! You'll regret it in the long run. Now, I won't graduate until Sept 15th😩😢 It's only a few weeks away, but I'm depressed today thinking about the fact that I should be clocking out for the last time tonight. 11 more school days🙌🏾👏🏾 #BellusAcademy #Esthetician #LashArtist #CancerWellnessProvider #EsthisAreTheBesties #RoadToGraduation

HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY to my beautiful goddaughter Kiana!!🙌🏾🎉 Even tho you're a young lady now, you're always going to be my baby girl and I'll always see you just like this pic. I love you Mama and miss you SOOO much!😩😍😘 @young_sweetness @juwan28 #BirthdayGirl *I can't believe how big they are now 😩

It's an amazing feeling when volume fans start to make sense to you. They're not perfect yet, but #PracticeMakesPerfect 🙌🏾 ✨
#VolumeLashes #Lashes #LashExtensions #ilashstore #LashArtist #VolumeFans #3D #Esthetician #Esthetics

Peel night at #BellusAcademy 🙌🏾🔥 I'll be doing a pumpkin peel from @dermodality #H2T, then two passes of #SalicylicAcid from @dermodality and top with one pass of #Retinol, also from #Dermodality 🤗🔥 Her skin will be glowing in a few days. This is my favorite part of #Esthetics! The relaxation part is cool, but I prefer RESULTS🙌🏾 After the 2 passes of Salicylic Acid, her face was extracting itself.
P.S. The ashy spots on her face are completely normal. It's called frosting. Frosting indicates epidermolysis which is the splitting of the epidermis from the dermis resulting in peeling and crusting of the skin during and after the peel. This basically means her skin will peel, making room for new, fresh skin cells. 👶🏻
#InstantResults If you're interested in a #ChemicalExfoliation, text/DM/Call me to book.
#JoycieJoe #BeautyXJoycette #Esthetician #SkinCare #RESULTS #PeelsAreLife #LetMeTouchYourFace 🤗

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