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Grace Henderson 

She wouldn't look so Sally kisses will work.

My Fat. He's the best. <3

I caught them cuddling.

He's dreaming. I love it.

My husband rocks! Early Christmas gifts are best! Who needs to wait until the 25th? Amazing makeup, maybe I'll be dressing up a bit more.

Myself and Chris. 5 days to go before his first treatment.

Yep I call this a win!!

Here's my flash back Friday... I think I'm about 4 years old. I was too cute for my own good.
#fbf #flashbackfriday

Yay blonde!

I let them practice on me. Enjoying thus hematoma. Lol

Who remembers these #beauties? The time in life when we had to choose wisely what we #photographed. The best part about this one, it's from high school (I think) and I have NO idea what's on it. Awesome memories caught on #fujifilm #disposible #cameras Talk about flash back Friday!!? #fbf

Finally. #Stampy #simpsonstappedout
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