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  PIOLO JOSE PASCUAL Updates ❤️ (on and off cam)

072018 😂😂😂 Michael Bahatin naguulat! 😝 dahil Bahamas sa location nila! 😬 #PioloPascual on the set #SinceIFoundYou BTS.. 📹atemoi

072018 Roley,, Waley 😂😂😂😝 #PioloPascual #ArciMunoz #SinceIFoundYou taping bts

071818 Hello Mr. Producer 😍❤️ #kuyawessetvisit 📹atemoi #PioloPascual

071818 Uyuy 😝❤️😍 hi papap:) Kuya Wes set visit:) #PioloPascual with Ina Raymundo 📹ina

071818 Fam dinner with Babylove 😍❤️ #PioloPascual #BossbebiPrim

Papap d dancer 😂😂😂😁 fast learner kadaw 😝 #PioloPascual 📹zanjoe

-ayalamallscloverleaf- Catch Piolo Pascual, Arci Muñoz, JC de Vera, Alessandra de Rossi, Empoy and the rest of the cast of Since I Found You at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf this July 29, 2018! See you all at 4PM at the Activity Center! 😄 #PioloPascual #ArciMunoz #AlessandraDeRossi #EmpoyMarquez #JCDeVera #SinceIFoundYou

071718 Everyday labada Papap 😂 from Nathan to JP real quick 😁 today with #HomeSweetieHome squad:) #taping #PioloPascual #ToniGonzaga #OgieAlcasid #RufaMaeQuinto

071718 Rainy Tuesday Morning 🌧 goo run with Papi tabaching 😍 binata na primprim ❤️ #PioloPascual #Bossbebiprim 📹atepam

071618 Bagong ligo look 😍😍😍 #PioloPascual #tapingbreak #SinceIFoundYou

071618 BTS.. #SinceIFoundYou taping.. #PioloPascual #AlessandraDeRossi 📸CTO

The shooting of the big-screen project on the Marawi siege will commence next month, with or without Daniel Padilla, according to producer Piolo Pascual. “Marawi needs to be rehabilitated as soon as possible. Our work does not depend on the schedule of any artist,” declared Piolo, who earlier said that the proceeds of the film would fund the rebuilding of homes in the war-torn province.

Piolo added that Daniel—one of the film’s lead stars—is currently working on another film with onscreen partner, Kathryn Bernardo, that has a playdate in August. “They will be busy promoting their film by then and that will be Daniel’s priority. It will be hard to compete with that, so we don’t want to force him to do this,” Piolo explained. The film will also feature Daniel’s uncle Robin.

They have yet to choose Daniel’s replacement, he said. “It’s a beautiful story. Whoever will be cast for the role is lucky. A lot of people are interested to take part in this project. This isn’t really for us producers, but for the country.” These days, Piolo the producer is all about “giving the new generation of writers and directors the opportunity to showcase their talents.” His Spring Films is line producing James Robin Mayo’s “Kuya Wes,” starring Ogie Alcasid.

The indie film, which will premiere at the 2018 Cinemalaya fest in August, will have its last shooting day this week, said Piolo. “I’m excited to see the finished product,” he added. “I’m reading a lot of good materials—if only I could help make all of them. That’s what I want to do—collaborate with other artists.” Piolo is also scheduled to do four other film projects, with producer Star Cinema, directors Lav Diaz, Raya Martin and Paul Soriano.

This could also be the reason why his romantic-comedy series, “Since I Found You,” will be ending on Aug. 3, in spite of its good ratings. “We’re done! It has run its course and I’m happy. I can finally focus on movies and other things,” he declared. “It’s really difficult to be in a teleserye because you are unable to do anything else. I’m tapping out. I’ll just leave projects like this to younger artists.” - #PioloPascual #SinceIFoundYou

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