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✨ 🐚 j 0 r 🌙 d a n 🐚 ✨  25 years old. california born & raised. oregon living. curly hair and a smile. life is magical💕

February 12th 2018~
forever my happy place ♡

february 12th 2018~
disneyland day celebrating my birthday! thank you to every one who came with me. only two of them are in this pic ♡

February 10th 2018~
birthday vacation and it’s so good being back home for the week ♡

Sept 27th 2017~
i’ve never cried during a firework show more in my life.
it was beautiful and one of my all time favorites ♡ #happilyeverafter #pandorajewelry #happilyeverafterfireworks #happilyeverafterpandorajewlery #jowandhelentakewdw2k17

Sept 27th 2017~
pictures with Big Al ♡

Sept 27th 2017~
finally stepped foot in the place i dreamed of going since i was a little girl. it did not disappoint ♡ #JowandHelenTakeWDW2k17

Sept 26th 2017~
dinner time. sorry i forgot my manners ♡ #JowandHelenTakeWDW2k17

Sept 26th 2017~
tower and drinks, what else could a girl want? ♡ #JowandHelenTakeWDW2k17

Sept 25th 2017~
when you have to prep your outfits the night before for a disney day ♡ #JowandHelenTakeWDW2k17

Sept 25th 2017~
my vacation has officially started. dreams do come true kids! #jowandhelentakewdw2k17

July 14th 2017~
we missed swimming so much we basically turned back into mermaids ♡

happy 25th birthday to the love of my life.
every day you make me smile, every day you make me laugh. i'm so happy this crazy thing called life brought us together 10 years ago. one day, we'll finally be able to spend your birthday together. and i need you to come home soon because i miss my partner in life. you're such an amazing person and i admire you so much. thank you for everything you do for me. can't wait for you to come home. hope you have a great day, and always stay safe.
i love you ♡

July 13+14 2017~
socal girls love their water ♡
#lovethispicture #waterbabies #happy

July 8th 2017~
ever river day we have together, he leaves on a wildfire shortly after. in this case, 5 seconds after we got home 😭

July 4th 2017~
watching the fireworks on the docks with my girls ♡

june 19th 2017~
babes first dodger game ♡ @fforozcok

june 19th 2017~
dodger games with my bffl ♡

June 16th 2017~
when you miss your flight first thing in the morning, sometimes you need a drink when you reach your destination ♡

february 25th 2017~
mirror pics 4eva ♡

february 25th 2017~
the last time i was here i was about 8yrs old?

february 25th 2017~
this was a good day ♡

february 20th 2017~
churros are a must every disney day ♡

february 20th 2017~
disneyland with these two is always nonstop laughing ♡

february 20th 2017~
disneyland with my bffl ♡

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