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Jovenes Activos ✊  Youth from ESSJ organizing and taking action! Meetings on Thursdays @6pm ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 dm us for the address. #JovenesActivos #VivaLaCausa

A lil late but just a lil I could capture from Thursday ! Thank you @poder.sf for showing us around and creating informative workshops around displacement gentrification showing us how you guys are resisting and all the great work you guys have been doing around your community .. now to say thank you to every participant , volunteer, facilitator, cocinera every community member that came together to make this happen .. era una semana de aprendizaje Y más que nada bonitas memorias . This year was our first year facilitating Creciendo juntos , we had our ups and downs but like we always do as a family we uplift each other and help each other out when is needed thank you @jovenesactivos_essj for such a POWERFUL week ! Till next year .. (now for The next steps we’re not stopping here this week our meeting will be held Wednesday at 6pm see y’all there let’s keep organizing let’s keep la Resistencia !! ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿 - Sus Hermanxs @jovenesactivos_essj

It’s such an honor for us to help facilitate this year’s creciendo juntos (growing together) from looking forward to it every year as children watching our mothers and fathers , neighbors organizing it , now they have passed it on to us it really is “ creciendo juntos” now it’s our turn to prepare next generations to come! Mucha resistencia jóvenes activos
Thanks @vibesthatarepositive for the banner it’s chingon af can’t wait for the next marcha and rep JA .. now we all need to take a family picture with it ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽

Thank you to today facilitators @steven.cortez @11flowerchild @miguelkultura for organizing such a memorable day. We wouldn’t have done it without our amazing artist . @seasenoritastudios @saor_v @villarreal6185 @carlosrmk thank you for your time and your collaboration to this movimiento ! It was so exciting to see community come together and be so interested in this topic! We seriously can’t wait for our first mural project !! Because when community speaks we listen !! That is always key , today We were specially proud of who we are , our roots , ancestors what we can become and what is yet to come !! Tomorrow we will learn about displacement human rights and many other topics that should be discussed with community .. see y’all there !!

Today was a roller coaster of many different experiences but it’s all a process of learning!! Thank you to all the presenters and facilitators that made today happen ! A Big thank you to @razadelsoul @mr.1777 for teaching us a piece of our history , such a great presentation .. one that should be shared with community ! It is our duty to learn our history and share it with others. Let’s keep Educating the community on OUR RAZAs history, it is our job !! Let’s Get ready for community art day !! Let’s paint these stories on our walls as a form of resistance ! Let’s start planning art around our community ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼 see y’all tomorrow 9am - 2pm
facilitated by : @11flowerchild @miguelkultura @steven.cortez

‼️‼️ R E P O S T : @11flowerchild
Recently the city has been wanting to take the underpass of 680 by story and king yes the one we all cruise under and BEEEP. The underpass as well as Story and King have so much history.. OUR HISTORY from Helgas to Lowriding to the marcha that toke place in 2006 ! Remember that one ?! I was so proud of my Raza that day I was only a lil mocosa♥️✊🏾 well they wanna do some Abstract art (something similar to the blue circles in downtown) and don’t get me wrong , abstract art is cool in its own way ik many Xicanxs that Focus on abstract art that’s chingon .. but the East Side ! Story and King ! THATS NOT US . So what happens when they try to “improve” OUR Barrio ?! Prices are already high! It will drive us out of ESSJ . That’s Reality. We have to stop them from Whiteifying the Hood. Who will be here to share OUR stories OUR struggles, our accomplishments and what we are capable of ? Who is going to tell the generations to come if there’s no more Raza and the hood isn’t the hood ?! That’s something that scares me everyday serio. We need to get murals that share those stories OUR stories show that we’re BROWN and PROUD not only that the diversity in our community. @jovenesactivos_essj we always say “Our Art is a form of resistance ! We are HERE! And we are not leaving” Let’s keep the hood ours ! Keep it every beautiful shade of brown.
So This Tuesday at the heritage plaza Me and @steven.cortez , @miguelkultura will bring many great artists together to start dialogue and create beautiful art and plan out what we wanna see in our Barrios and start the planning of murals ♥️✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾 (if you are an artists and wanna contribute to this movement you are more than free to come through) let’s paint our walls with our resistance ♥️ C/S su hermana xicana Sandra ✨ (I have so much passion for art , our Raza, community, ESSJ and OUR HISTORY and now everything is coming together I’m happy y’all )

Tomorrow is the BIG day! @jovenesactivos_essj and vecinos activos along with community members and amazing people coming together to educate and organize community. Tomorrow Monday you will break into groups and learn the history of San Jose whether if it’s about the Chicano movement (@razadelsoul & @mr.1777 ) or stories about displacement. Tomorrow is a very important day that help structure the whole week don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Please please please if you have children register link is in our bio!bc childcare is provided but limited!!! We are all beyond excited to share this space with you, it will take place in the Heritage Plaza in alum rock please get there early for registration and paperwork. ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽 feel free to share. Mucha resistencia sus hermanxs @jovenesactivos_essj (You do not have to attend a whole week but do have to attend two or more days to attend the field trip on Thursday to San Francisco )
Tuesday is Art day it was switched! Facilitated by @11flowerchild & @miguelkultura , @steven.cortez bringing many great artist together ( if you are an artist and want to get more involved with community you are more welcome to attend )
thank you for your time and if you have any questions shoot them in the DM !
Que tengan un buen día 🌞

Repost # @razadelsoul
Two individuals that we genuinely look up to @razadelsoul @mr.1777 , we’re excited to gain some knowledge about our historia aquí San Jo (ESSJ)✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 They will be having a workshop with us ( @jovenesactivos_essj ) @ Growing Together Monday August 6 get there early (9ish) for registration and get ready ready to learn OUR HISTORY!Were beyond excited and thankful for these two @razadelsoul @mr.1777 mucho respeto hermanos ✊🏾 .. (post about Tuesday coming soon) everyday will be a great experience remember to register so we could have a number of how many people are coming for food and materials.. also if you need childcare you need to register because it is limited space !! Share with your friends and family. This is free for the community ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾♥️ con mucho respeto sus hermanxs @jovenesactivos_essj

Aquí está el volante para creciendo juntos si pueden regístrate. (Link en nuestra página) ahí los esperamos !! Traigan a toda la familia ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼 mucha resistencia sus amigos jóvenes activos ♥️
(Muchas gracias a nuestra amiga @saor_v por por el volante !! )

The Danger that black womxn , womxn of color face everyday in this country is disappointing.. when will we be safe ?! SAY HER NAME !! Justice for NIA WILSON may you rest in power ✊🏾 we will keep fighting for you !! (Any actions around this send them our way will share!)

Repost @99rootz ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏼✊🏽

Tony Boi appreciation post a person that is always open for new experiences, DOWN af !! From walking the street talking to people, always lending a helping hand when its needed And is always one of the first ones in the meetings getting stuff done from cooking to writing the agenda ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾 we appreciate you so much @masterantonio123

A project Jóvenes Activós have been working on side by side with community members and Vecinos Activos. We present to You “Creciendo Juntos” - “Growing together” .
Week long community workshops/Dialogues and learning from each other . For community by community.
This year we have the honor of facilitating this week long event everyday will be different from finding ways to fight displacement and keeping our San Jose Families in SAN JOSE, learning how to take abandon properties and building housing on it , learning how to organize. Create Art that represent our struggle and success, Art that represent our stories as people of color and eventually painting them on walls all over The East side of San Jose. Hearing stories of San Jose Natives and the history behind the struggles. And looking to organize more youth in San Jose. ✨✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼There will be community lunch and childcare care provided (limited spaces for childcare) children will also be learning ♥️ I hope your excited as much as we are !! Bring your familia, neighbors abuelita. (It will be in Spanish and English)
you can register on FB or by emailing our mentor Gabriel or sending us a Dm (with your name ,number of each participant)
Any questions please DM us please be patient for the reply.
C/S - Jóvenes Activós
Please feel free to share ✨
Art by @saor_v

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