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He gives me that old school love

Have u ever thought about the fact that we wouldn't even know over half of the things we know today if it wasn't for other people? If it wasn't for social media? If it wasn't for the news and the books? Have you ever thought about the fact that over half of the things we know, and believe in... we haven't even seen for ourselves.

I think, therefore I am

It's crazy how the human's brain works. How someone can change their whole life by one experience, while others can change their life by just reading a quote on social media. How much we human beings can affect each others. How someone with a nice body inspires you to go to the gym. How someone with a stack of money inspires you to work harder. How easy our brain can get fooled into what's less important. Growing up we get told not to look down on others. Not to be mean. They teach us to share our goods and not to be greedy. They teach us not to worry about anything, and that everything will be okay. The problem is that everything will not be okay. We see people starving right in front of our eyes. We see people laying on the street sleeping as we pass by. We see videos of animals being tortured. Kids crying and screaming for help. And then we want to talk about it like we have all the time in the world to make it better. You are watching this happen, and yet you want to teach your child not to be greedy. Yet you want to teach your child that everything will be okay, while another's child is suffering every-single-day. The truth is that we all are being fooled by one another. Never blame someone for doing bad things, but blame yourself for not doing anything to stop it.
We humans are the only ones making this world a horrible place

It's my 21th bday🎉on my way to Croatia in a couple of hours to celebrate with my bestie. Sooo thankful for everything I've learned this year.

I don't always wear a dress

All I got to say.

Kind of woman who want you but don't need you

I know I can't help everyone, but I also know that I can help someone. One person at the time. But trust me when I say that I won't stop at one. The questions I most often get is: how do I start? where do I start? My answer is just start somewhere. If it's truly your passion and if you know in your heart that you want to help people you will realize how easy it is. Don't try to make it harder. You don't need much to make people's day, or week. You may have to drop buying those shoes or you may have to change the flight tickets to Dubai to somewhere else, but you choose what's more important to you. I can't help you with that part.


I wish I could take you with me...I wish I could give you the love you and your sister are longing for. I wish your mother didn't drop you there and just leave you. I wish you as a child didn't have to feel this kind of pain.. The truth is that it's too many children out there, all over the world without a home. December this year will be a start of something special for me. With the organization we have opened, we will be able to give some of these kids a home. And the more people that are supporting us, the more children we can help🌹❤️Help us help others.

Best feeling in the world is to help people who can't help you back.

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