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Another beautiful sunrise before heading to the gym. A place to sit and meditate and to see things as they are.. unfiltered, pure and as real as our limited senses can make them.
Talking of senses and information, I came across this statement from JJ Simon on Facebook that hit home for me. I've been thinking a lot about the media. The question of what is real, what is truth. How to get past our own filters.
Looks like JJ is on point and reminds me of Hyper Reality, that was first discovered by the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard in Simulacra and Simulation.

Media is an assemblage of tools with which to expand an audience's conception of what "the world" is to such and extent that their own lives and capabilities seem utterly insignificant; a means of psychological warfare by which people are overloaded with information and desensitized to their own and others' suffering; the sum of all means by which human beings reduce the infinite complexity of reality to a dead-end maze of abstractions.
CrimethInc., Contradictionary.

Happy Saturday

One of the things I was thinking about with the rise of Trump is how can seemingly intelligent people go for someone like Trump, and I'm sure Republicans at the same time said how can intelligent people vote for Obama. Here is why.

When you are presented with a set of facts that are contradictory to your point of view. You can do two things. Change your mind or keep the same opinion. Unfortunately a firmly held belief like party affiliation or religion we behave differently. It triggers two parts of your brain fight or flight (amygdala) and the part that controls emotions (Insula Cortex). Once stimulated with those facts instead of changing your mind you will double down on that believe even though there is evidence to the contrary.

The problem is party affiliation, and believe system are intertwined with who you are, your very identity of self. As long as It's not a strong believe, you are more willing to change your mind, and those parts of the brain are not stimulated.

We humans while intelligent are highly irrational. This recent election is a perfect example.

At this point, the burden of proof is on Trump, and no amount of evidence will change a Democratic mind. This goes for Republicans, no amount of evidence from Obama would have moved your mind. It only has the opposite effect, only strengthen.

Looking forward to what the year will bring. Staying mindful, keeping perspective and most importantly being kind.

Gloomy morning, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Sunday.

What a wonderful weekend. We surprised our son with a trip to Disney World for his Birthday. He had no idea! I'm thankful that he is such a good kid full of life and energy and a willingness to succeed. One of the biggest traits I love most about him is how he does not let things get to him at all. If something does not go his way. It just rolls off his shoulder. He does not hold on, he does not let that impede on his own unique personality. Let's hope he keeps that important trait through adulthood.

It is often easier to give up a bad habit than to recover from the incisions of others violence. The only way is through self-cultivation. Doctors and priests can only do so much. The true course of healing is up to us alone. To do this, we must acquire many methods, travel widely, struggle to overcome our personal phobias, and perhaps most importantly of all, try to acquire as few new problems as possible. ~ Happy Saturday

People who still enjoy taking long walks for hours and talking about ideas are my favorite.

Week three on my information diet (wrote a post about it a few pics back). In short I cut out all news and social media except Instagram and snapchat. I was only going for one week but it felt really good and enjoyed the many positive benefits so I continued. I got out more and took more photos. It gave space in my mind to help put things into perspective. Gave me a deeper understanding that I shouldn't put undue worry on things that I read about in the news and social media that I have "0& #34; control over. How destructive main stream media is to your mind, specially if you are unaware of the effects.. I am enjoying this journey and I suggest you give it a shot for a few days 🙏🏾. Happy Sunday.

Aside from what it teaches you, there is simply the indescribable degree of peace that can be achieved on a sailing vessel at sea. I guess a combination of hard work and the seemingly infinite expanse of the sea the profound solitude that does it for me. Billy Campbell

We run around trying to make progress in life. Things to do, people to see places to go.
I see people in many ways as isolated egos. Meaning trapped in a little bubble of their making. Their very subjective reality.
Maybe it's a bubble of abuse, where they know nothing else but the abuse.
Maybe it's a bubble of fear where every experience is viewed from the place of danger. They do not know that there is another way.
Maybe it's bubble of news. Where algorithms feed you the information to confirm your bias, prejudice, ideas. There is a sea of information pointing to something else.
Stepping out of that bubble of your making is HARD. I have stepped out of many bubbles myself, and I'm still working and struggling on some. A life long journey for me is breaking down those bubbles. I understand their is soooooooo much more. Sooo much life and experiences that if I were not open and aware, I would be trapped!
Now how have I made progress, each person is different I guess. For me, meditation has helped. I work on quieting my mind, leaving space for intuition, wisdom, my consciousness to rise. It has always been there, but we don't listen. I read from the Tao, or way of integrity. In its 81 verses, it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world. Maybe for you, it's the Bible, The Quran, Upanishad or a book with quotes.
I try to be present and in the moment. If I'm having a conversation with you, and I'm not in front of the computer or on my phone. You will have 100% of my attention. Since I believe EVERYONE has something to teach me.
I read/listen to books on a wide range of topics. They all give me pointers on ways to create some awareness on what bubble I may be in and a way to step out.
I get outside as much as I can. It defiantly puts me in a good frame of mind.
I have a few more, but these really help me expand my awareness and help me move towards change.
For that I am thankful, and I am thankful for you.

I go to place when I'm happy, I go to this place when I'm sad. No matter what my emotional state, she remains the same. An anchor, friend, my confidant.
Happy Sunday🙏🏾

A few weeks ago, I found a new trail. The first time I took my son. I was excited to take a walk with him. One of my favorite activities is just being outside in nature by myself or with people I care about. It is often when I think that moments in life can't possible get any better.
On the first visit their were some volunteers talking about the native snails in Florida, we then started to talk about gators.. I didn't stop to think that my son would get nervous. As we began to walk, we saw the sign to watch out for them. I felt a tug as my son held my shirt, I was scared and couldn't get past the bridge.
No matter what I told him it didn't help. I told him how I've held gators before. Walked waist deep in the wetlands for hours, that not to worry I will be by your side. He was petrified. Inside I started to get really angry since he normal doesn't get scared, he could also tell that I was annoyed and disappointed.
We got into the car, and we talked. I felt bad, I put myself in his shoes. Explained to him my thoughts. Afterwards he said, Dad I will walk with you next time.
Well you ask what's the point of this story? Well because of his fear he missed out on some beautiful views this is one of many lovely views and perfect moments this morning. This is the same for us adults, even though we may have all the support, we are still scared to get past that fear, even though it's not real let alone rational.
I am reminded for me, to keep forging forward, even when I don't know what's ahead because it can and will lead to something beautiful.
Happy Saturday.

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