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I was in a mood this morning. I was looking for license plates, trying to get a handle on apps, and other nonsense... and I found these from the last time I had to take over a school. I need to remember that it's not too late to make a difference. To HHS2013, I love you more than words.

#homegoodshappy is finding 4 flutes for a little more than the cost of one! These @waterfordcrystal glasses are definitely my favorite!

This human was one of my very favorite humans, and the last year has felt impossible without him here. Tomorrow, it will be two years since I lost my dad, and I cannot possibly explain how much I've needed him here in the last few weeks, but especially these last two weeks. Although he shaped so much of my approach to students and taught me so many things, I feel lost without him here. Thank you for making me a better human, Papa Fred. 💙

A #rubikscube for your thoughts?  At first that seemed like a silly, fun caption... but the more I thought about it, the more absolutely perfect it was.  Well played #Caltech.  Well played.

I'm off to advisory board duties, but for once I'm able to mix business with pleasure and I'm going to get to spend time with this amazing friend of mine.  California is too far away, but I'm thankful for friends who are friends regardless of time or distance.  So grateful to start my trip with some absolutely necessary friend time. 💙

Feeling particularly grateful for the #sunshine today because yesterday's combination of cold + clouds was really messing with my head.  #TGIF!  Let's do this thing, friends.  Side note, I really love #SanSimeone in the early morning in #Venice.  There's something about how the light reflects off of it that is just lovely.  This isn't even my favorite picture of it, but it makes me happy nonetheless.

The desire to run away is pretty great right now.  I keep thinking that my "fight" will kick in, but all I seem to feel is the "flight." I guess I should be glad that my favorite hotel in #CinqueTerre is closed for the season.... because I wouldn't mind escaping to #Manarola right now.  How about you?  Where's your favorite place to escape to?

It's been a tough few days and next week will likely be tough too. Sometimes I just have to close my eyes and think about the simpler days. I know I shouldn't wish time away, but I do wish things would get easier. Life in #Manarola was so much simpler. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than #CinqueTerre??

There's only one time of day when the #Rialto isn't bustling - in the very #earlymorning.  It was just me and the bridge that morning.  It was a beautiful way to start the day in #Venice.

In all things #travel, people say to expect the #unexpected.  We've been to #Venice quite a few times and yet I was still surprised the night that I realized you could see the #stars from the city.  It was this strange, magical moment where the world seemed to stop, and then I couldn't stop looking for them everywhere. "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - #RoaldDahl

One of the reasons that I love #StMarksBasilica so much is because of the mosaics.  All these tiny pieces make up such beautiful images, rich with detail and color.  I may not be artistically inclined, but I can certainly appreciate talent when I see it... 😉

#TGIF. What I wouldn't give to be sitting in #StMarksSquare, enjoying a #Gianduiotto from #CafeFlorian and listening to the musicians.  It's been one of those weeks... so I'll just think of #Venice and try to move forward.

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