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Julia🇨🇭  📢BIG SUMMER SALE 💕Up to 50 % OFF! ☀️Hand embroidered heirloom dolls🐰🐺 🌿All rights reserved©

I've finished to cross stitch this beautiful unicorn ☺️💕🦄 Next is what to do with it😅🤔 Alica was so excited when I show her my work 😍 She said it is gorgeous!☺️ Awwe❤️ Sweet Dreams my friends💫

These two make me smile so wide😊😍💕 Grape is alone now and I've heard her crying yesterday💕 I asked her what happened and she said she knows so many funny stories and there is no one to tell them to🐺🌸 Ahh.. 💕 my heart breaks apart seeing her being sad ... if you feel ready to spend long evening listening to her and cuddling link in a bio☺️💕

Sweet hello from Lady Wolf💕😊👋🏻 It is melting my heart to see how much she is loved in a new home❤️ Just look at those gorgeous flowers😍🌸

How much I love this picture😍❤️ Balletti and her best friend are exploring the world and love posing for pictures☺️I guess after they make nice photo books and during cold winter evenings they drink tea ☕️ and talk how amazing it was back there💕 We wish you a lovely evening 😘 📸 @happy_fox_family

Happy Saturday!💕🌸☀️ This custom boy is already on the way to his forever home ☺️ He is going with lots of presents for his older sister🎁 dresses, pajamas and a sleeping bag💤 What doll so you want next? 😃

***Edit*** Sold***Alisa Unilove 💕🦄🌸 is ready! She wears a bloomer with a bow on her neck 💕😘 She will be listed within next hour! Yuy!

***Edit*** Sold***Little Plummy and I wishing you Happy Friday!☀️💕🌸 She is waiting for you in the shop ☺️💕🐺 link in a bio💕

The first ever Baby unicorn💕🦄💕She is 7,8" tall and her hair is mix of wool, silk and cachemire😍 just imagine how soft it is and it shimmers✨ and has tiny pearls around her horn 💕 She is just waiting to be dressed and will be up for grabs tomorrow☺️🌸 Thinking about the name🤔 any ideas would be appreciated😘 Bisous!

Good morning☀️🌸💕Lemon is ready for 🎁✈️😃 She has an embroidery on her tummy and it is a surprise for her new friend☺️ Will show you later when she arrives safe and sound to her new home☀️Grape and Plummy are waiting for grabs in the shop🤗 (link in a bio). By the way they come with a sweet chocolate compliment 🇨🇭🍫😋

Sweet Dreams🌟🤗😘

Sleeping bag 😴 & pajamas 💕Now on you can order this set for your bunny or other Joujou Little World doll😃 Turn teaching your little one to go to bed into a fun game ☺️🌸

Good morning ☀️🏔🇨🇭🐥 I thought you'd love to see a bit more about Switzerland sometimes? Am I right? Have you been here?🇨🇭

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