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Jotina Buck International Speaker. Best Selling Author. Unconventional Teacher. Huffington Post Contributor. Philanthropist. Humanitarian.

It's such a great way to end the day knowing that you're living your best life NOW!
How was your day today? What's your purpose pursuit? Share!
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So at our campus K-2 classes host their Awards Day in their classrooms.
I love going ALL OUT for my little bunch. Check out our goodie bags compliments of Walgreens. Thanks for being my favorite PEEPS! 🤗

Huge thanks to @walgreens (@measuredman ) each student gets to take a #FurryFriend home tomorrow to celebrate their achievements.
I can hardly wait to celebrate with my students & parents. My kiddos wrote their own speeches, welcome, and my girls even have a dance. We have printed programs and ALL! I always think about what I would want for my child when caring for my students.
I love this work!
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Such a simple but necessary reminder.
This time of year can be so overwhelming with end of the year work duties, Mommie duties, balancing business, and preparing for summer vacation & play.
I have to remind myself more often than normal to simply BREATHE!
When I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed I give myself permission to step back from it all and just TEND TO MY BREATH. It's the centering act that brings me back.
Thought I'd share because I know I'm not the only one who needs this reminder at this moment.
Happy Friday Eve!
#ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #Dreamcatchers2017 #FridayEve

Be sure to check out @chardonayjovonne #Dreamcatchers Brunch On-the-Go Recap.
If you know me then you know all of these photos are perfect captures.
I love this work! 📸: Chardonay Jovonne
#Dreamcatchers2017 #HenriBendel #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife

Because the mind is cause and the world is effect, you have the ability to change your thoughts and change the way you experience the world around you.
Just believe!
#Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #magicandmiracles

• M O O D •
Happy Thursday y'all!
#Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #Focused

Now is the time to burst forth into your greatness, a greatness that you wouldn't know had you not gone through what you've experienced.
#Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #alchemy #magicandmiracles

The end of the year always calls for even more interactive learning.

Thanks to Mrs. Shelton my little friends had a chance to hang out for some impromptu fun with Lucy.
I told my students that Lucy would be turtle soup if it were left up to my daddy. They thought that was so gross and mean.
We recently learned about the food chain. They quickly identified Ms. Buck as the consumer and the predator! 😂😂😂 I LOVE TURTLE SOUP! Y'all know I'm James Buck's daughter.
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May everyone I encounter or even think of be greeted by the love I send their way!
I wish to be a conduit of love to those I meet so that I'll know a softer way of being and a deeper sense of peace.
#LoveHeals #Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #MagicandMiracles

• M O O D •
7 more days of teaching this school year!!! I cannot wait for #vacation. I've worked my ass off this school year. This summer OFF is well-deserved.
Listen y'all, take time to celebrate yourself. Every victory matters. Only you know what you had to endure to gain that victory. Pause and pat yourself on the back.
#iteach #TeachingIsMySuperpower #Teacher #TakeBreaksThatMatter #Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife #CherryBlossom

Generosity & Reciprocity works hand in hand.

I truly believe, you get what you give. Want more? Set your intentions positively and GIVE MORE!
The more you give, the more you GROW!
Friends, go grow and give in love! The Law of Giving works!!! What can I give to this day?

...because every time I think about where I've been and where I am, I must share some hope with others.
It does not matter how dark it gets, how low you fall, or how many times you've messed up; you have the ability to transform the trajectory of your future.
#Alchemy #Dreamcatchers2017 #ChangeYourLanguage #ChangeYourLife

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