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Get your “About Face” THeartofJota Book (hardcover), personalized and signed. It’s a limited promotion, only 10 copies. Write a direct message if you are interested. #jotalealart #jotalealbook #jotalealartist #portrait #surrealportrait #caricature #fineart #acrylicpainting #studies #sketches

“J-amming”. The next one will be a painting. I promise!!!
A minute, a perfect lap for a pretender, a irresistible bite for a little dream. Ok, back to the easel!

“SUPERARLENSIÚ” please meet Arlensiú @mienfermedadinvisible , an Artist who stopped her passion and normal life to fight as a real superhero. Her powers, her infinite will. She is a Friend who is daily battling for her life, in a huge and never ending severe suffering. However she manages to keep herself going, as the biggest fighter. She is not the strongest but has a heart that won’t ever give up. She really, really needs our help and every penny will make a huge difference. Her life is vanishing with everyday. This is already a race for life. You can help in many ways, even sharing her story, it helps a lot. And of course also praying for her. Please help us to safe her life. You can see her testimony in the link bellow. Thanks in advance

Extrañándote Dorita... como haces falta!!!

#tbt Klaus Kinski in his famous role as Aguirre, in director Werner Herzog's classic film, 'Aguirre and the Wrath of God'. 48" x 36" Acrylic on linen. #klauskinski #aguirre #wernerherzog #jotalealartist #jotalealart #jotaleal #portrait #surrealism #caricature #portriature #fineart #acrylicpainting

“12:03 AM- Un día de Domingo”

#TBT (I remember once I let my hair grow)

She is a confident, persistent and creative 16-year-old living in western Massachusetts. Her love of writing many stories and poems lead to her poetry being selected for publication is Stone Soup Magazine when she was 13 years old. She joined her school orchestra in seventh grade, and when she learned they would need a cellist in eighth grade, decide to fill that need- teaching herself to play the instrument. Meghan is a member of her high school cross country and track teams. She competes in 5K races, the 100-meter dash and the long jump. With all that training, she helps support the work of The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) by participating in their annual 5K road race. Meghan has Progeria, a rare, fatal, “rapid aging” condition that afflicts children, who die of heart disease at an average age of 14 years. There are less than 400 people living on earth with this condition, which there is no known cure. Meghan has been participating in clinical drug trials with PRF for ten years in order to help find the cure. Meghan loves all kinds of cute, small critters. She lives with 2 gerbils, 2 birds and a tortoise. Sometimes when responding to comments regarding her size she has been known to say: "Sure I'm small, but so are poison dart frogs!". This is the fifth portrait I had the privilege and honor to do for the each one has been a wonderful experience. Portraying is not something I'm used to, my mind and hand go always to other places when I'm painting or sketching someone. But I do enjoy these pieces, a lot, they take me out of my comfort zone but drag me to a different state of mind and peace, I think is because of the amazing feeling of knowing your art is doing some good out there, like a tiny paladin. I'm really Thankful for this opportunity of portraying these brave kids, honored them because despite everything they are fighters, full of life and joy, heroes. Thanks Patricia and Lucas for the consideration, for believe in me. And God for put me there. #beyondthedisease #progeria #portrait #rarediseasefoundation #acrylicpainting #jotalealart

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