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ME BEING REAL: using the word “rough” doesn’t describe this week well enough. Graduate work is difficult, I’m actually supposed to be in Europe this week, I have a super itchy rash that keeps me from sleeping and won’t be healed for 2 weeks, also dealing with a cyst, and I barely don’t live month to month. On the flip side. I’ve been able to talk to my best friends every day, read my scriptures daily, I have amazing roommates and I understand 95% of what my Norwegian teacher says. Maybe this is hanging out my dirty laundry but I’m tired of the expectation of perfection. A lot of people perceive that my parents pay for my life when in reality I’ve paid for my entire schooling, housing, and travel MYSELF. I didn’t use previous wealth just lots of hard work. And I’m really proud of that. But that also means I’ve sacrificed a lot. Once a guy I was dating gave me a bag of potatoes which I than proceeded to live off for a month just to save money along with taking jobs that start at 330 AM. I’m not going to pretend my parents haven’t helped me because they have and I owe them quite a lot but I’ve also put in a lot of effort to be where I am. Hope that’s real enough for you.

Have about 15 sweaters in my closet. When will the temperature drop??

Been asked 5 times this week if I’m a freshman. Not quite hahaha🤷🏼‍♀️ #gradstudent (Also my hair was so long!)

SUMMER VIDEO (swipe right). My goal this summer was to be more aware. I often look back on months and feel that because nothing ginormous was accomplished that my life is boring. While making this I realized that eventually as the summer went on I took less clips and spent more time living. With over 200 video clips this is my 2018 summer.

Grad school is so funnnnnnnn

With fam in San Fran

Got my DNA tested and turns out I’m more Scandinavian than my Grandma who was born and raised in Norway. 🤷🏼‍♀️

90s baby in a 60s Beetle

Finished my final today. Now I’ve got to control the urge to refresh the grade page every 2 minutes. *** update: the exam bumped my course grade up half a level! Woot woot!

Paddling away from everyone’s crap

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