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jossy πŸ¦•  purely documentation //


tried making some rice tea today, ended up burning my rice in the pan. But i got some loose leaf rice tea at the store and it’s everything i was hoping for !! #eczema #filmphotography #inthebackground #tealovers lol

a beautiful women. give this photo a quick like if ya think neens is majestic as hell ☁️ comment a πŸ‘‘ if you think neens is a super cutie !!

in need of some new book recommendations !! anyone have any ??

tell someone you love β€˜em,
tell someone how much you love them,
tell someone why you love them,
tell someone their smile is beautiful,
tell someone you love them πŸ’Œ
#loveletters #journaling #thehub #mindlines #snailmail #hehe

allow art and creativity to flow out of you, nothing beautiful comes with force!
create, create, create, cre-ate.
i am becoming more and more aware of my true self lately and it is with a hopeful heart. Usually i refind myself after heartbreak or something silly that feels traumatic at the time, but just is me growing and learning. THIS TIME i am just in a rejuvenation state, without reason or rhyme. I guess it was just time for change and time for growth πŸŒΏπŸ¦•

what i live for πŸ½πŸ’• #thepups #andian

how @eainlopez felt about what it smelled like in @fiveguys 🀭.

she is beauty, she is grace ☁️ my grandmother is of the utmost beauty and she deserves to be told just that. if you think neens is a super cutie like this pic and comment πŸ’.

basil & me πŸ›‹

write, write, write in the rain :)


baby blue πŸ¦•πŸ₯£πŸš²πŸ›‹πŸ’™

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